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Type 1 Diabetic

Hi All

I am type 1 diabetic.My age is 26. Can i marry a normal girl?

Is there any type 1 diabetic girl who wants to marry me?


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If any one interest please contact me at shival.thakur1987@gmail.com.


I am R R Verma

Iam Diabetic for last 22yrs

Have angioplasty done

Recently I have been diagnosed a pt. of interstitial disease of lung

I take lots of medicine

Have u any solution?

Pl. write to me



Don't worry about diabetic.

To reduce your weight in 50 days-do the following:

1) Sit and fold your legs and eat all 3 times .

2) Close your lips and make the food in paste form when eating

( For better saliva secretion ) Do it slowly.

3) Don't drink water before food-"HALF AN HOUR"

at the time of eating AND after eating a meal, or a breakfast, or

a dinner.( This "HALF AN HOUR" is must for 100% utilization of

HCL secretion in the stomach )

4) Add all six taste in every meal if possible.

5) This will Improve the rate of digestion to maximum.

6) Do some warm up exercise for 10-15 min.if possible.

See the wonder of loosing weight up to 15 kgs in 50 days.






Not very good advice.

Best to eat LCHF diet to control diabetes. Best to water fast for 30, 60 or 90 days to see if you can cure your diabetes.

Most type2 diabetes is caused from fat deposits in the liver and pancreas. Fasting burns organ fat in both the liver and pancreas. MRI exams of severely obese people prove that 95% of obese people are cured of their diabetes within weeks of bariatric surgery. Before surgery and after surgery MRI scans clearly show a 30% reduction in liver and pancreas fats. Their diabetes is gone...

Think about that...


When there is a way for self healing ,why don't follow this simple way to reduce weight. More over bariatric surgery is danger. I saw 2 people died after surgery. Dr. Rajkumar is here to do this type of surgery. Follow natural way to reduce weight rathan surgery.. You are not loosing any thing.. You should trust your own immune system... Kumar 8-2-16


Marriage is a complex issue.Only you can take a decision.Best of lick.


let us call this site as "DIABETIC MATRIMONIAL " SITE.


Yes there is a New technology from German scientist you can reduce the medicine and as well as it comes to normal


diabaties is no abnormality,,,,,,,,,,,,,hence do not have any such inhibition,,,,go ahead to find a suitable girl who understands a healthy lifestyle


Never think of marrying a diabetic girl as I think is not good for your would be children. Consult some specialist Dr. in stead.


You do not have to worry. You can reverse diabetes by following a 30 day regime of raw fresh fruits and vegetable and pure water. Regular intake of raw karela,amla and neem tree leaves can halt diabetes. Boil the bark of a mature neem tree into a kada ( reduce 1 liter to 1/2 liter by boiling with strips of neem tree bark) Drink regularly first thing in the morning and before sleep at night to rid yourself of diabetes. The drink also increases your immunity to other diseases.Avoid any type of stressful work. Do meditation and pranayam. Find a nice life partner and enjoy married life


pls add fenugreek [or methi ] to this and wonders will take place in your life . Try sun gazing . View the u tube on what mr Heera Ratan Manek has to say .A great person who advocates sun viewing . Details are there in the u tube . Just type his name and study what people all over the world has to say . Diet control is possible with sun viewing . Ultimately leads to good health . Let us hope a new leaf turns in your life and you lead a happy healthy life with less and less medicines . good luck dear young friend


My friend diabatic is a condition of body,which has set in your case at an early age.

You may go ahead with marrying a normal healthy girl. Only take care to maintain a

controlled diabatic health condition for a happy life. Good Luck

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dear shival ,don't worry .now i am 64 years old, from my 22 years of age onwards i am depending up on insulin and i married on my 30 years of age . ihave one son aged 32 years and one daughter aged 28 years ,both married. it is better to conduct a married life because a life partner is unavoidable to a type 1 diabetic . i am giving you an advice that you never live a day with high sugar level . that should be controlled at any coast . if you can control ,there will be no problem .please contact me in my phone nu 09387202124.


I do have similar case. I am 55 years old I too. I am also Insulin dependent since last 30 years. I also have a son 30 yrs old & a daughter 27 yrs old. I am an civil engineer and successfully worked.But I had paralytic attack in 2005,2010,2011 and 2012. first three times I survived within 2 or 3 months but on fourth time the recovery is slow. My BS level is well in control, of course with 25 units in morning &20 units before dinner. But astonishingly my BP raised on all four times otherwise it is always normal i.e.140/90. I have strict diet control since onset of Diabetes in 1984. Can anybody suggest some positive solution. I am partly paralytic in right leg and right hand.


Dear All,

Kindly note that having one grapefruit immediately after a meal can arrest diabetes and is a proven aurvedic remedy.Grapefruit is a round citrus fruit like a lemon(musambi) but has a red coloured flesh instead of yellow. It is available at all large fruit stores.But most importantly be happy and dont worry.Do regualr excercise like brisk walking and enjoy a long life with your wife


Dear Shiva,

Let me answer your question with my experience. I am a juvenile diabetic since birth and had similar apprehensions when my parents started looking for a match for me.

I have been happily married for the last 7 years and have a 3 old daughter (both are not diabetic). Doctor says her (daughter) chances are minimal of becoming a diabetic (as I am one - another apprehension I had).

Don't fret about being a Diabetic... its a way of life now... and don't think only a diabetic girl will marry you... any girl who understands and goes on to love you will become a life partner... Just be patient and wait for the right girl...

Exercise regularly, don't take stress and BE HAPPY!!!



Well said. I am also a juvenile diabetic since single and was very afraid at that time like you. Now I am past sixty with grand children and living a happy married life. My experience is that you have only to be particular to your Doctor's advice and be disciplined regarding your health particularly food choice as well as time table.


Dear Shiva,

Absolutely. i am married to a Type 1. Just monitor your sugar level daily and ensure that you exercise regularly. Best wishes for a very happy married life!!


Dear Shiva,

Don't worry. Marry a Girl you find most suitable. Diabetes is now not a disease for a disciplined person in food habit. I have 2 Son and have no diabetes.

All the best.


Comrade Shiva

Be brave..IF you are settled ,,have regular income,yours is the right age to get married.

Better select a heaithy girl who is by nature ,understanding and accomodative..Promise

her ,atleast 30 years of married life.To achieve that you have to take insulin inj.,regular diet

and other medicines as prescrbed by doctor. NEVER GIVE HOLIDAY TO DIABETES TREATMENT.You will live longer than 30 years.

I have had diabetes since 57 years,detected at the age 16 years.I am happily married for last 48 years,raised three children with good education and health and they are well settled in life

If anyone interested in more details ,you are welcome. Pl..contact vsanaka@yahoo.com


What if God forbid the girl you marry develops BS after marriage. Will you leave her ?


Dont worry. Controlled diabetes will never make complications. Do marriage, but inform them

about your conditon. Definitely, you will be getting a nice life.


Thanks all for encouraging me and direct me to my destination. It wont be easy for me but losing hope is not the solution. I will definitely fight till the end.

This not the end it is just a begining of my life.

After all no life without wife :)

Thanks again..........


Bravo.keep that attitude always.


please give your native & employment.

My daughter is also type -1. But under control


you can mail me your daughter's details and have conversation at shival.thakur1987@gmail.com mail id



Hi everyone ,I need a emergency help!I'm 18,and I'm health,but I am thinking,about to marriage with a diabetic1 man ,he is studyng dentist..., now I want to know what problems may I face them? What thing should I consider?


Hi am 32 years old. I am type 1 diabetic. Is there any boy who want to marry please leave a reply on mail p.jyoti.indore@gmail.com. thank you


Jyoti contact me mine e-mail: Rakshi.prasad@gmail.com



This will greatly reduce your insulin dependencies. But as a type 1 you will always require insulin. Without insulin you can not normalize your weight or blood sugars.

You don't need to marry another diabetic if you don't want to. Why limit your selection to such a standard? My suggestion is for you to fall in love mutually with a girl, and not just because you share the same disease of diabetes.

The artificial pancreas is coming soon, you will see this in your lifetime. It's been tested on type 1 juveniles and the data is extremely promising. Once approved type 1 diabetes will be easily managed and controlled for both high and low blood sugars.

Type 2 diabetic have the complication of insulin resistance within their cells. They may benefit from this technology too, but not likely to the same extent as a type 1 would benefit.

Type 1''s do not secrete any insulin and type 2's usually over secrete insulin which causes an insulin resistance to firm within their cells...

So hang in there while you wait on the new technology, because once it's out type 1 diabetics are going to have a highly normal life...


Y diabetic ? Y not a normal person?


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