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Amway Nutrilite Protein Isolate and Glucose Health

I am Type II Diabetic patient, 67 years in age weighing 72 Kg. My sugar is controlled Fasting 104, PP 146 with medicines. My cretinine is 1.9, BUN 36.1, serum urea 77. HbA1c 5.6 %, HB66 12.5, Potassium 6.5, BP 136/84, Serum Uric acid: 6.6, Sodium: 138, Serum calcium: 8.4.

A nutrtionist has suggested me to take Amway Nutrilite Protein Isolate for improving the Kidney Fuctions, saying this is a good protein which will help to improve kidney functions. Glucose Health is suggested for improving diabetic problem. Please advise

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If you start taking Nutrilite Protein at this point your risking your self; It is like "From Frying Pan to Fire". Kindly see my earlier comment on nutrilite. This is not the SOLUTION.

It looks like you have some functional problem in kidney; that is the reason your post kidney parameters are abnormal. The best way to come out of trouble is

1) Start taking Barley water (once in a week)

2) Banana Stem juice (again once in a week; do not take 1 & 2 together)

3) At least 3.5 lit to 4.0 lit of water a day (not more than 500 ml at a time)

Kindly check kidney functional test after 15 days. You will find it is improved very much.


What about some people who take barley water first thin every morning?


Barley is diuretic. It helps in flushing out kidney in a natural way. We are afforded to take more of this also; because we might be dehydrated. That is the reason I had recommended for once in 3/4days.

As you are aware that kidney plays important role in T2DM, making kidney effective helps in blood sugar management. Excess protein is excreted through kidney and chokes kidney. So it makes sense to keep kidney in good condition.

In order to evaluate your habit of drinking barley water, kindly review your lipid profile; or leave it here we will evaluate it and get some more high-lights.

Any good / bad habit/s has to reflect in profile.

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please dont use Amway Nutrilite Glucose Health. many have used it will not do any think..


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