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kidney damage vis-a-vis diabetic

for controlling diabetic from sugar level 200 to 140 or so through alopethic medicine side effect to

kidney at times occurs. It is said if insulin is taken by inection no such damage to kidney is

taking place.... how true it is.

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It is NOT the insulin but the control of diabetes which is very important. Kidney damage will not happen if you control the diabetes properly . HBA1c must be below 7%.


corrrectly said


Insulin is not known for side effects on the kidney.But for a diabetic it is essential not only to manage the sugar levels at acceptable levels but also get the kidney function checked for any impairment due to diabetes.


Insuline is quite safe.. continuous high level of sugar can damage kidny, heart or any part of body..


Thanx for the positive comments.How to check rising Serum Creatinine level.Is it possible to bring down Creatinine level ? My creatinine level varies between 1.3 and 1 .98 mg/dl. What is the cause of this fluctuation.


You separate kidney problems , diabetis problems and insulin separately.

Kidney problems occur due to uncontrolled diabetis.

Insulin is used for controlling diabetis.

Insulin will not cause side effects on the kidneys.


diabetes has its side effects on kidney, liver, memory, liver, vision, heart ....

how ever these side effects and damages can b reduced to a great extent by using aloevera

products from USA. these r dietery suppliments highly useful in damages controlling management. for further details please contact me.


Not that by taking insulin instead of tablets, will ensure safety of your kidneys. Diabetic and kidney damage is definitely co-related if you do not maintain to control your sugar level. You must check if protein leaks in your urine, check creatinine, potasium and the ratio of protein and creatinine. You must follow what your doctor advises on diet. (this is more important)

do not change your medicine unless until your doctor advises. Keep regular check-up of your fasting and Post Perendial sugar level. Do regular exercise and go for daily walk atleast for an hour. Good luck and best wishes. CRNarasimhan (sender)


Glad to know that taking insulin does not have any side effect. I am using insulin from 16 units ( Hot Summer-June) to 28 units during cold (Dec)


In people with diabetes, the nephrons slowly thicken and become scarred over time. The nephrons begin to leak and protein (albumin) passes into the urine. This damage can happen years before any symptoms begin.



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