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Feeling sleepy or tired during the day

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Hi I am 40 year old and from past 8 years I am suffering from Diabetic. My Diabetic range is 150/180. I am going to gym regular and doing running around 25 minutes then more then 1 hour heavy weight lifting exercise.

After coming back to home I take protein power with some milk shake. So please suggest what's wrong in my case. Why I feel Drowsiness in day time while working.

Please suggest what should I do.

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It is very good that you are doing exercise. You have to review your diet also with the knowledge how diets impact blood sugar. You may find the statement below useful:

Carbohydrate, both simple and complex, causes maximum rise in blood sugar followed by protein and the rise in bs due to fat is minimum, almost negligible.

It therefore makes sense to follow a diet which is low in carb, moderate in protein and high in healthy fat to control blood sugar. This is the reason why LCHF/KETO diets are so effective to resolve T2D.

If you share more information about your conditions, I may be able to give you some feedback-

1. Are you on diabetes medications?

2. Your fasting blood glucose?

3. Last HbA1c?

4. Your height and weight?

5. Your typical diet in a day?

Dear Praveen,

Thanks for the responses.

I am diabetic since 7 Years.

Are you on diabetes medications - I am taking Zomelis Met 50/100 two times after food.

2. Your fasting blood glucose

- It's 140 and 190 approx

3. Last HbA1c

- 7.8

4. Your height and weight- Height is 5"10 and Weight is 86 KG

5. Your typical diet in a day- Normally all three time Roti and Sabzi and in night one glass of milk.

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Hello Lalit,

Thanks for the information. It gives me fair idea of your conditions.

1. You are reasonably overweight.

2. Your diet is heavily loaded with carb but low protein hence needing protein supplements.

3. Despite medications your blood sugar is out of control. Heavy carb diet gives high blood sugar after the meal and high insulin which promotes fat storage resulting in excess body weight. Lot of fat may be deposited around vital organs e.g. liver and pancreas giving rise to insulin resistace contributing to high FBS and also post-meal.

Good news is that you can reverse these conditions and bring your HbA1c to non-diabetic range with LCHF/KETO diet. In addition, this diet will promote weightloss in an effortless manner until you reach your natural healthy weight.

Your Three Month Goal:

1. Body weight: 74 kg or lower.

2. HbA1c: around 6.5 %

3. Overall health: will feel significantly more energetic losing drowsiness completely.

DIET: What will be the diet like?

Diet will have low carb, about 25 - 30 gm to start with. It will have protein about 70 - 75 gm and rest of the energy requirements will be met by healthy fat.

You will need to eliminate GPS completely from your diet in the beginning. GPS: Grains, Potatoes and Sugar including fruits except berries, apple in moderation if you have to. It is better to avoid completely.

Being pure vegetarian, it is little challenging but very much possible. I have done it and several other members have also done it. You may find it lttle daunting in the beginning but you will start enjoying with good results coming.


1. Total of 500 - 600 gm of various vegetables: All vegetables that grow above ground including local produce are suitable. They will have carb content between 1 and 5 gm per 100 gm. You don't need to count carb because you will not exceed carb allowance from these vege.

2. Paneer

3. Amond flour

4. Chia seeds

5. Flaxseed

6. Cheese

7. Greek yoghurt ( thick hung curd ?)

8. Milk cream: with high fat content 40 to 50%.

9. Sprouted fenugreek seeds (methi).

10. Added fat for cooking and dressing: Butter, Ghee, virgin coconut oil, extra virgin olive oil.

11. Nuts: Walnuts, Pecan, Almonds.

You need to be creative to prepare tasty meals using these ingredients. You wil find lot of prepartions on youtube.

EXAMPLE OF A DAY'S MEALS : I am giving below some sample meals for a day. I am calling meal 1 2 3.

MEAL 1: Upma using amond flour.

50/75 gm almond flour, onions, some vege of your choice plus usual salt, green chillies and other spices as used. You can use ghee or butter for frying. Be generous with ghee/butter.

Side: Veg salad with olive oil and lemon juice dressing.

OR Any cooked vegetable.

MEAL 2 Cauliflower and chia seeds

Prepare cauliflower curry with some fresh tomatoes in usual way. Leave little excess water. Towards the end add three table spoons of chia seeds. You can add some cream also. Finally some green coriander and lemon juice.

Meal 3: Large bowl of salad with

Sprouted methi seeds 1/2 cup

Various green veg

Lightly fried paneer 150 gm

Olive oil and lemon juice.

SNACKS: Cheese/yoghurt/nuts

Eat only when you are hungry and not because it is time to est. Most LCHF followers eat two meals a day by listening to their hunger signal.

I hope the above gives you some idea how to proceed. I believe you do not take eggs?

If you have any question, do not hesitate to ask.

Hey Praveen it's really a very good information about diet and good eating habits. Thanks a lot for detailed information. Will try to implement it.


I think you are overdoing your exercise.Basic principle of exercising is that you should feel energized during the rest of the day.During the exercise you should feel comfortable and be able to maintain a light conversation,if need be.During the exercises your heart rate and breathing rate are bound to be at an elevated level but should come back to absolute normal level in about,say.five minutes.Otherwise,you think whether you are overdoing it both in terms of intensity and duration.Please review your whole exercise regimen.You should feel comfortable and enjoy during the exercise and be energized during the rest of the day.

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Bang on!

lalitchoudhary - I am a diabetic type -2 since 16 years. Since 2 years I am following IF (Intermittent fasting). Started with 16-8 and now doing 20-4. During my fasting times, I drink only Black coffee(no milk, no sugar, only stevia) and Pure Green Tea,

I take medicine 1 time a day(if needed). My blood glucose levels are very stable. My energy is out of roof, my strength has increased. My brain is more active and creative.

I would advise you to watch below videos by Dr. Jason Fung:

I would also advise you:

1. To get atleast 8 hours sleep

2. Get rid of dairy from your diet, except eggs.

3. No SOY (in any form)

4. Start taking Fish oil, magnesium(preferable glycinate/theorenate), multi-vitamin, Vit-C, B-Vitamins and Zinc.

5. Start doing big lifts in Gym - Deadlifts/Squats/Pull-ups

6. If following Intermittent Fasting, do your workout empty stomach(not even BCAA).

7. Practice meditation.



in reply to ilivestrong

Yes, Intermittent fasting alongwith LCHF is very effective. Most LCHF followers have two meals a day and thus follow 16:8 by default.

Thanks Deepak for the wonderful video and advice. Will try to implement it. I am also doing fasting once a day but taking only fruits and milk two times in day.

Your welcome Lalit.

Get rid of milk !!! Drink Whey post-workout(with water)

Also, if your interested in IF, take it gradually.

What I mean is that, to start with, start skipping your breakfast, instead have black coffee. Once your body adapts and you get comfortable with it, start skipping lunch. This fits nicely if you workout in the evening/night like me.

Also, when I say fasting, I mean eating nothing insulinogenic. Though Coffee/Green tea do have negligible amount of calories, they aren't capable enough to raise insulin. But don't go overboard of either of them as well.

Our goal is to get as less insulin spike as possible through the whole day. The less the insulin, the lesser body fat you will hold. Ofcourse after having your first meal, you will induce insulin, that's why your first meal should be lean protein like whey isolate.

Hope it helps!

You are over-exercising. Rest is as important for your body. So just like you are enjoying exercises regularly, don't forget to sleep at least for 8hrs. A few things, apart from diet, that could adversely affect blood sugar is stress (any kind), excessive coffee intake, erratic meal times, lack of sleep etc. Other members have advised you about diet concerns, look there too. Things will get better for sure. Best of luck!😊

Boycott milk and its products for 1 month for better results.

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