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Fasting & PPBS number after following LWMR


HI Mr.George,

I did my Fasting & PPBS tests today and number reads as follows

Fasting :86

PPBS: 92

My HBA1C test is due on mar and shall publish the number later.

I have couple of questions for you.

1) I happened to travel few times over last 1 month and couldn't following Long wheat mash diet. Is skipping few days in a month, could cause any damage ?

2) I have been following Long wheat mash diet since 1st november 2013. My last few fasting , PPBS tests & last HBA1c (done on Dec 2013) reports were in normal range. Should I go for Oral glucode tolerant tests now or wait for some more time ?

Pls note, my intention is not to rush things and happy with long wheat mash diet.

Overall reading so far


FBS: 112

PBS: 120

HBA1C: 7.6




25-Dec :

FBS: 91

PBS: 101

HBA1C: 5.8

22-Feb :

FBS : 86

PPBS : 92

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Hi NoToDiabetes,

I remember you mentioned in on of your posts that you were NOT on any type of medication. Please confirm this again that you were not on any medicine till date after you started eating LWMD.


HI Swamyonline,

Yes. I'm NOT on any medication right from the time, I started taking long wheat. The only thing I'm following is Long wheat mash diet regime.

Glad to hear this :-)

Hi trying high carb and back to damaging Pancreas is not worth it. Yo may go for serum insulin Test. Else keep going the same way with regular test for BS levels and take caution for low BS.Just as you have done you enjoy time out for some time and test.Both levels below 100 is fine. Practise yoga or walking.

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I agree. Diabetes is not "CURABLE" in the sense that one can go back to eating anything and everything that a non-diabetic person eats. At best, in my view, blood sugar levels can be brought down and kept down with proper dieting ie LCHF.

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Hi Medfree,

In my case, my relatively high FBS (110--140)has been happening even when I was not on LCHF diet.

In Long wheat 68% in vitamins and fiber and and balence carb. Even taking two times LWMR -70 grams with Milk or ur one day old Curd with Veg. side dishes i dont seem to add up or loose any thing. Instead all who take LWMR have so far given good result. Leave alone cure. Even sustaining these levels were to moon to us.Rather what is the side effect you expect. We Indians have been used to Rice or wheat or Quina with milk added Pepper ginger or Haldi. for decades In my opinion so long the BS and lipid profile dont go out of bounds its fine.

For those whom it suits they may go ahead. Pl see the blog of Raghavendra. The lines suiting our discussion i have reproduced.

What these SCFA or BUTYRATE do in the body--(1) Decreases the glycemic response in diabetics. (2)--Increases insulin sensitivity thus reduces insulin resistance, (3) Increases initial phase of insulin secretion.. So LWMR with high fat will help reverse DM. by increasing sensitivity. Most of the DM patients have the resistance of cells to insulin. This stage is a definite benifit to us.

I do not understand why you will report your BS at monthly or bi-monthly intervals. I have been checking at least once daily and often 3 times during last 6 months so that I understand effect of each food that I take and also the activities like walking etc that I do. For me the readings fluctuate and it is really difficult to understand why it happens. In your case the readings are so.. obedient! They show rise or fall during a period steadily? Can any one on LWMD give daily/weekly values of BS. If I see that steady I shall believe they may not be my type of diabetic

NoToDiabetes in reply to akb123


I don't want to be so obsessed with diabetic numbers. That's one reason, why I'm not checking daily. When I started with Long wheat diet, I thought of doing FBS & PPBS numbers, once in 15 days & HBA1C once in 3 months. However, owing to laziness & work schedule, Not doing FBS & PPBS every fortnight.

But ever since, I started Long wheat mash diet & exercising, I have been feeling pretty healthy.

Few of the benefits I got, other than controlling my Blood sugar

- My bowel movements are regular now

- I feel very healthy. Have fallen sick, only once in the last six months. That too a normal fever.

- In the last six months, I donated blood once. They did a random sugar test before donation and the numbers were in non-diabetic range.

- I'm climbing nine floors every day and it isn't as difficult as it used to be.

Unlike other educated bloggers out here, I may not be able to comment on carbs, fat, what triggers sugar level to spike up and what not kind of thing...But one thing, I can vouch for is , at this moment, Long wheat mash diet appears to be working well for me.

Hi notodiabities

How are you now these days. No updates we found after this discussion. I hope you are the next one who are near to cure your diabities. Kindly update your result which can be helpful to all who are using lw.

Please revert.

NotoDiabetes. Are you cured now?

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