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HBA1C Reading after following Long Wheat Mash Regime


HI Shooter George,

I'm reporting my sugar reading after following LWMR regularly for around two months, ie. from 1st Nov to till date. Had tested my sugar levels yesterday

25-Dec :

FBS: 91

PBS: 101

HBA1C: 5.8

Overall reading so far :


FBS: 112

PBS: 120

HBA1C: 7.6




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Very good achievement after adopting LWMR diet. Can you elaborate your complete diet as well as in which form you are taking LWMR. I have tried for 2-3 days but could not continue.

NoToDiabetes in reply to ranj

Hi Ranj,

I take it the mashed form. We follow the exact steps narrated by Mr. George in following link.


My overall diet is this :

6.45 – Tea without sugar (After exercise. 1 hr of walking @ brisk pace)

8.00 – Breakfast – Long wheat mash

9.30 – Green tea

12.30 – Lunch (Roti & vegetables)

3.30 – Egg Sandwich (only whites) / veg Sandwich

6.30 - – Tea without sugar

8.30 - Dinner – Long wheat mash with butter milk & vegetable curries.

On weekends, I eat millets such as Foxtail, Little, Kodo for lunch along with vegetables instead of roti

Note : I'm not on any diabetes medication.

ranj in reply to NoToDiabetes

Hi NoToDiabetes,

Thank you for sharing information. Even after going through all posts related to LWMR still there is some confusion about Long Wheat. Whether it is Barley (hindi name Jau) or it is a long grain wheat. Have your bought this from Grain Store or ayurvedic medicine store.

I also do not take any diabetic medication. My Hb1ac ranging between 5.5 to 7 in every quarter buy I wish to keep the same below 5.5 with the help of diet control, walking and home made ayurvedic churna of different cominations.

Please also comment on my diet plan-

7.15 – Indian Tea with sugar free (after 40 Minutes of brisk walking)

8.00 – Breakfast – some fruits like apple papaya, guava, almonds with one roti & veg some time oat / dalia

10.30 – Coffee with milk with sugar free

01.30 – Lunch (3 Roti & vegetables)

3.30 – Green Tea with leman with sugar free

9.00 - Dinner – (3 Roti & vegetables / pulse).

NoToDiabetes in reply to ranj

Hi Ranj,

I don't know about Barley...I bought this from a grocery store in Bangalore. If you're from Bangalore, I can share the contact number of this store.

My HBA1c was 7.6 on Oct 02, the day tests revealed that I was a diabetic...

After following LWMR, my HBA1C number is 5.8. Inspired by Mr.George, I'm aiming for a complete cure NOT just control.

One thing I can suggest on your diet is to stop taking fruits. This again was advised by Mr.George in his blog. In his experiments, he found that taking fruits increases sugar levels.

If we replacing your break fast & dinner with LWMR, then this diet chart looks Ok to me.

Pls send an email or Post to ShooterGeorge, if you still have some doubts about LWMR.

Please share from where did you get this Long Wheat in Bangalore

HI Mr.Yathiraj,

I got this from Jaivik society, which is an organic outlet in Lalbagh.

You can reach them on 080 - 65624197.

Ask for Jave Godhi (Kannada name for Long Wheat). I bought some couple of days back.

Thank u Very Much

naghappy in reply to yathiraj

hi yathiraj,

i am from bangalore who is following LWDR i will give you the shop name and rate








yathiraj in reply to naghappy

Thank U Very Much for the information , if i `m not wrong it is called samba wheat at Nilgiris , where is geetha stores located please guide me

naghappy in reply to yathiraj

Mr yathiraj

all the stores it called as samba wheat but in Mk ahemed

it is called as jawa wheat (labeled as)

from shivajinagar bus stand proceed toward St marys

church you will get meenakshi koil street walk torough and old poor house road will cut across turn to the right and imediate left you will get ebrahim sahab street enter go through and you will get jeweller street to your left ,enter inside and search for geetha stores near that in another corner store you will get it .Geetha stores is popular land mark in jeweller st,ask any body will tell guide you If could find the shop you will save lot money

good luck try

I have posted my reading in the forum to Mr george regarding LWDR I dint get any reply I am not sure about my diet my reading sent to george

To Mr George i have following LWDR for the past 45 days and my reading are fbs 84 pps 112 and random after reqular meal (rice) 94 no milk fruit,sweet walking evening 40 mins once a way i skip LWDR in out of station your advice pl,,,medicine,,metfomin 500mg-0-500mg

reading of my son-in-law after 40 days of lwdr fbs 115 pps 210 no milk fruit sweet and not going for walking age 45 years 100 kgs i I dont know what to do pl advise me when walking fbs 104 pps 150 medcine only herbal power DIAHERB 1tsp -0- 1tsp no allopathy iwish no to start allopathy want to cure with LWDR

Hi nghappy,

Last week, it appears, there were some modifications & problems to the site & as a result they had to delete some responses. I remember to have replied your question & it might have been deleted as part of the thing mentioned above. I shall reply once again.

Your results (fbs 84 ppbs 112 and random after reqular meal (rice) 94) are good. Continue as it is till FBS reach 75. Then you can reduce tabs marginally - preferably night dose.

When you are out of station if there is no option other than to skip LWMD, what to do? As this is not a chemical drug, skipping one or two days may not cause much harm, I feel.

In case of your son-in-law, present values (fbs 115 ppbs 210 and wt 100 kgs) are not any good. As I do not remember his previous values, I can not make any comparison.

To Br George

HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU I Will follow your advise and post you my readings after a week Thanking you

please let me know where i can get long wheat in mumbai i take insulin 3 times a day

ojha in reply to NoToDiabetes


I am from bangalore . can you share me the number of the store from where i can buy long wheat.


ShooterGeorge in reply to ranj

Hi ranj,

Please tell what was the problem you faced. Then only you may get appropriate solution, I feel.

Wish you a Happy new Year.

ranj in reply to ShooterGeorge

Mr. George,

Thank you for your new year wishes which I heartily reciprocate to you and all the members of the forum.

I have mistakenly tried Mesh of Jau (Barley) for few days.

It is now crystal clear from your picture of LW together with normal wheat and barley.

I have also learned from the forum that Long Wheat is Dicoccum variety of wheat which is an old Mediterranean crop grown for centuries and progressively replaced with durum / bread wheat.

It is cultivated in Northern Karnataka, Southern Maharashtra, Saurashtra region of Gujarat, parts of Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh and its total production is less than 1% of total wheat production of India. The consumption of dicoccum wheat / LW is only confined to people of growing areas only.

That is why people in northern region do not know about this variety of long wheat.

I do not know whether I will be able to find long wheat in northern region.

Dear George,

This is my latest report after LW

18 Jan 15 - PPS - Reading 90 (a bowl of 55 gram (raw) LW grain after 1 hr 50 mins) after a more than 8 hrs empty stomach

12 Feb 15 - FBS - Reading 88 (after more than 8 hr empty stomach in the morning)

16 Feb 15 - Random testing - Reading 81 (a slice of wholemeal bread (size 6 inches x half inches thick) with a slice of cheese after 3 hrs)

28 Feb 15 - PPS - Reading 97 (Lunch with a piece of salmon steak, 2 piece of pork chops, 1 bowl of vegetable and a slice of wholemeal bread with a slice of cheese) after 1 hr 40 mins

The bread was ate at the end of my lunch

Is it good reading, pls cooment

I started eating LW since 18 Jan 15

How long should I continue the LW diet?


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