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Test report after following Long Wheat Mash Regime


HI Mr. George,

After following long wheat mash regime (both breakfast & dinner)for 16 days from 1st Nov – 15th Nov , I had my FBS and PBS checked on 16th Nov-2013.

Readings :

FBS : 100

PBS : 120

Last time , On 18th October 2013,when I checked my FBS & PBS, it were 112 & 155 respectively. From 18th Oct to 1st Nov, I had Long wheat mash only for breakfast to get myself used to it.

Could you pls let me know if below mentioned diet routine looks ok or anything else needs to be changed?

6.45 – Tea without sugar (After exercise. 1 hr of walking @ brisk pace)

8.00 – Breakfast – Long wheat mash

9.30 – Green tea

12.30 – Lunch (Roti & vegetables)

3.30 – Egg Sandwich (only whites) / veg Sandwich

6.30 - – Tea without sugar

8.30 - Dinner – Long wheat mash with butter milk & vegetable curries.

On weekends, I eat millets such as Foxtail, Little, Kodo for lunch along with vegetables instead of roti.

On October 2nd , my HBA1C was 7.6 and my next checkup is scheduled for Dec 18th. I shall let you know the HBA1C level, after my next checkup.

Pls note, I was recently diagnosed as a diabetic and doctor has advised only life style changes to check, if my sugar level can be brought under control.Hence I'm not on any medications.

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Thanks George.

Thanks for your advice.

are you type 1?

No. I suffer from Type 2.

HbA1C is the test needed to establish sugar control. This is to be done once in 3 months.


Have any one used this in this forum plaese respond. or its an advertisement.

raika in reply to Hidden

i used it,helpfull to controll diabeteis

Hidden in reply to raika

Hi raika can you expose your reports on this forum, in this shot response not create any sense to belief.

raika in reply to Hidden

my sugarlevel in past 180/350 at present 130/200 afer using long wheat mash & dia-b-micron with alopathy & insulin 12-8 pts.i"m not from any mkt.

HI Medfree,

I'm planning to do that. Thanks for the suggestion.

Hi NoToDiabetes,

At 110 minutes after meals even non-diabetic one may have BS beyond 140 mg/dl.

HI riken is it ayurvedic medecine

At 110 minutes after meals even non-diabetic one may have BS beyond 140 mg/dl. Am I right?

George but most of the sites say non diabetic will not have PP more then 140 at any point of time after meal. Can you throw some more light on this. Thanks

My PC is down & very difficulty to compose a reply with Tab. Any how trying.

1. I have studied only some Maths, academically. As part of work, learned a bit of control system also. After curing my diabetes when I met the professor, who taught us control system, in a meeting & talked about my experience he told "text books give Pancreas controlling blood sugar as the classical example of control system".

2. By participating in the development, simulation & use of control systems what I have understood is that delays are the Iinherent part or feature of physical systems.

3. Human body, Pancreas as well as Beta cells are physical objects or systems. Hence delays must be an inherent feature of those.

4. Also what I have understood is that Pancreas does not work 24×7 continuously like the heart, lungs etc. It only jumps into action when signalled by some other system & shuts down after a lapse of two hours. This, according to me, is one of the reasons why BS level escalates in diabetics.

5. With this background in mind let us see. Glucose entering blood stream from the food channel causes the issuance of signal to put on the Pancreas. After the inherent delay, Insulin produced by Beta cells reach blood. Again there is an inherent delay in Insulin processing/disposing BS & reducing it's level in blood. All these are steady processes, but at slow or predetermined pace.

6. Glucose entering blood is the one that began first. Hence it has that advantage of time over Insulin and BS keeps rising till rate of Glucose entry comes down or Insulin entry overtake the former. But since Insulin production rate is prefixed by nature the latter case can not happen unless the food eaten is of Low Glycemic Index.

7. Hence I am of the opinion that in the case of healthy persons also BS crossing 140 mg% before 2 hrs of completion of food intake is not abnormal with starchy or sweet items.

8. All these things that are told above may not be scientific or proven; but still hold on to the view that these are the facts. :-)

9. If we can get some healthy persons as volunteers, it can be easily verified.

HI Mr.George,

Thanks for your encouraging words. I draw oodles of inspiration from you.

I shall add egg yoke in moderation.

I shall report my HBA1C numbers after my next checkup.


from I will get it in PATIALA PUNJAB and From which company it is Dia-B-Micron


H riken thanks for this reference please provide contact no of M. Zakir as I ma interested to talk in this regard.

Very good sir. The life cycle of a blood cell is 4 months. Hence doctors recommend 3 month check for HbA1C. Annual may not present the accurate picture.

Hi sir

I diagnosed diabetes 4 days ago

Can u help me to cure it


ShooterGeorge in reply to gaheer

Sorry that I saw your question today only. If you are still diabetic & wish to get cured, I will help you for sure. Please respond to this.

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