Experimentation is the key to LCHF

Experimentation is the key to successful LCHF regime. Have a test kit, kitchen scale and your note book ready. Keep counting carb and watch how your body responds to your diffetent diet regimes you try.

Here, I am sharing with you a soup I make. Take an assortment of vegetables avoiding potato and other starchy veg. Boil them in pressure cooker and then blend them on a mixer using the wet grinder blades. Do not filter. Then sout (thadka) the blended soup as usual using a small amount of coconut oil or ghee, mustard and onion. Add little ginger and garlic if you like. You can choose okra, beans, cucumber, gourds, mushroom or you name it. If you want to sin and cheat, put a very small piece of beet root. It will give color and taste. Keep changing the ingredients till you get the right combination in terms of your taste and BS level. Try you will love it.


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  • Agree hundred percent. Sometimes there could be a different response by different people!

  • Non strained soup loaded with FAT is always great :)

    Glad to see the mention of Coconut Oil. It is as good as glucose when it comes to release of energy but it doesn't spike blood sugar.

    I remember someone even ridiculed the idea of weighing everything that one eats. But that's how one works with a "disciplined diet" @ LCHF.

  • Great soup!

    One more soup suggestion :

    Florets of cauliflower + half tomatoe ( tomatoe increases BG and hence limited) + spinach ( you can add murugi keerai or cilantro or whatever available for flavor) .Pressure cook until one whistle, Coarse blend in a mixie , Heat , add, salt , pepper, ghee or butter ..Cooking time 15 mts .Real yummy low carb soup is ready ,Enjoy !

  • country tomatoes,tasting sour(not the oval Apple tomato),in moderation will not raise bloodglucosesignificantly

  • Yellow tomatoes are best as they have no sugars:


    as compared to red tomatoes. It has nothing to do with how it tastes:


    My understanding of moderation is counting carbs which is more "quantitative" and less qualitative/subjective. It's all about "Quantity"

  • You are all great cooks.But I enjoy different types of food prepared by some one else.Only rarely now a days like to cook any thing.

  • Dear patliputra, I bet cooking is fun. This is an additional advantage of going LCHF. If you are still averse to cooking, let that 'someone else' be some one @ your home- not the restaurants. You are sure what U R eating

  • I am not averse to cooking myself but I need one helper to do things like cutting, cleaning,preparing masala etc.

  • With the kind of gadgets available, chores mentioned by you can be very enjoyable!

  • These gadgets and ready made spices is also driving up diabetes. The conventional "Sil Lodha" is almost extinct in urban areas. They however, are still prevalent in rural areas.

  • patliputra and medfree, I agree that utensil shape and material and energy source make a lot of difference. Old is Gold. Nothing beats it for traditional recipes.

  • Blessed are the people who take interest in cooking and master it too.Try it . More than you , your folks will love it

  • when you cook on your own,sharing part of it with others including your pets,and have just the amount necessary for you, with no waste left over, chances are that your blood glucose remains better controlled

  • As a matter of fact ,i was a good at cooking,once upon a time.Still can do many things in kitchen which generally can not be done by gents, eg.making roti.

  • Thanks

  • The hidden message for the diabetic is"you have already had your quota of food'

    -in advance.

    Why then this obsession about experimenting on variety and choice,unnecessarily tempting your palate

  • 'You already had your quota of food ' is applicable to high carb dieters .Try LCHF ..A meal consisting of a bowl of low carb soup + 11/2 cups of green salad seasoned with olive oil and fresh cream + one cup of whole milk yogurt.This will be very filling and will keep your BG in control..You won't have hunger pangs..I enjoy good health ,improved blood glucose, improved lipid profile and high energy level only after I switched over to LCHF 10 months ago. I enjoy Diabetes with its regimen of exercise , diet ,discipline and weight control .Please have a positive frame of mind..You can make your 'setback' into 'come back 'I am a diabetic for 26 years living on oral drugs and I am 65 yrs old . I have reduced my pills by 50% in the last 10 months...If it is possible for me ,it should be certainly possible form many like you .This has been made possible by this Forum .You can make the difference by slightly changing the defeatist attitude of yours please.

  • If 1 million diabetics could do what you, me and hundreds of others have done right here on this forum, you can imagine the monetary loss to medicare business. Hundreds of cores of money will suddenly be sucked out of medicare market leaving hem in a state of shock. It is only with the interest of protecting the medicare industry that the whole establishment is doing nothing but "ranting" against FAT, without any evidence. Correlation is _not_evidence_.

    Diabetes is a blessing in disguise for those who switch to LCHF.

    Thanks for chipping in regularly.

  • There is something called realistic view ,rather than defeatistic view

    .I am elder to you by 10yrs,and senior in diabetic status also by 15 yrs and both of us have landed at this stage after a state of exhaustion of our insulin secreting pancreas


    unlike others in this forum,this member does not have his own axe to grind here so no conflict of interest in what I suggest.

    Having actually witnessed the fact of the arteries in the heart and brain getting clogged up by saturated fat,fatty acid crystals, and cholesterol, not in one but every diabetic who died of complications,

    why would I chose to take Fat loaded Items like full cream and whole milk,neither of them meant as a natural food for any adult,worse still for a diabetic proved to be prone for disordered fat handling.

    I have my own doubts about your claims of normal lipid profile after your high fat diet.

    get the lab reports cross checked from an NABL accredited Lab

    I fully agree and follow your common sense suggestion of low carb diet, but

    replaced your high fat suggestion with natural normal unsatured fat as an integral part of full nuts,and cereals like badam and ground nuts,not exceeding 3teaspoonful of sunflower oil in cooking for the whole day. even then my lipid profile is high normal due to my metabolic disorder


    If you maintain that your lipids are normal after such an extravaganza,enjoy and may god bless you for continued health, but even then I would not suggest it to a co diabetic as his well wisher.

    Recently The American medical association has extended their advice to diabetics even with normal lipid profile to adopt low fat and cholesterol lowering drugs, taking into view their 10 yrs risk of developing complications, compared to normals in very large population based scientific studies

  • But you always fail to answer one question:

    Arteries clogged for what Diet? HIGH CARB right? Because that's what the whole world is told to eat. If you reduce carb to 20% energy has to come from somewhere until some other "realistic source" of energy comes from out of the blue.

    So Once carbs are low -- 20% -- Saturated Fat is the only "Realistic" source" of energy. as protein cannot be pushed too much. LIPIDS improve on LCHF. You have your doubts because you have seen ppl on High Carbs and with a higher than recommended fat consumption. Triglycerides ruin arteries more, PUFA in vegetable oils do more damage. Saturated fat has no relation with CVD/CHD and I am posting the same reference again here -- the largest cohort study:


    Pl read in between the lines in conclusion section. Saturated fat could not be linked with CHD/CVD.

    Lets not bring in seniority here as seniority doesn't equate with anything meaningful when you aren't even willing to believe the LIPIDS posted honestly.

    Why would we LCHF followers lie about LIPIDS? Do you have any "realistic" view? This is what is defeatist view actually.

    As for AMA and their LIMITS. Whole world is being pushed to STATINS but heart attacks have not decreased. So less we talk of them the better it would be. Their agenda is to sell DRUGS by hook or crook. What best way can there be than SCARING people away from facts through what is best known as JUNK SCIENCE. Ancel Keys laid down the foundation of that very JUNK SCIENCE.

  • I would like to reiterate that my lipid profile is better than what it was before LCHF. I trust you keep yourself abreast of recent developments wrt bio-markers for heart health.I have posted a couple of articles on this Forum earlier which you may kindly go through if you are interested.If you are going to quote ADA guidelines (which is out dated in my opinion ) , I am not in the race .The standard lipid profile test ( HDL,LDL,TC.TG) does not indicate much on the heart health . AHA and AICC articles substantiating this..

    are avialble .One has to search for it

    I am not claiming any thing as you put it but sharing my experience with LCHF

    In conclusion I would like to quote the following::

    "Everybody I know in the field — everybody — recognized that a simple low-fat message was a mistake," says Dr. Krauss.

    "Theories, however pertinent they are, cannot eradicate the existence of facts "- Jean Martin Charcot

  • Please read this scholarly article by Dr Bernstein to dispel the fat & cholesterol myth


  • They will discuss Bernstein after he is dead :)

  • People think that all the fat they eat goes to the artery through the blood stream and clog People seem to be unaware of the fact that most of the cholesterol in the blood stream is produced and released by the liver and are not coming from dietary fat.People also seem to be unaware of the fact that Triglycerides and atherogenic cholesterol particles are mainly coming from dietary carbohydrates and not from dietary fat..

  • They do come from fat (rancid oil and trans fats) but not from the fat which (we LCHF followers eat) is part of LCHF diet.

  • PUFA from vegetable oils that are being sold as "Heart Friendly" -- Saffola, Canola etc --is also a source of inflammation. Higher insulin levels in blood is also adding to the whole problem and ignorant blames the Saturated FAT because AMERICA says so. Coconut oil (and also Palm Oil) has ~ 2% PUFA as compared to 40+ in some heart friendly oils.

  • What is this hidden message stuff ? I have evolved my menu over a period of time through trial and error. Now I have normal BS levels and hba1c 5.1 for the last one year without taking any chemical drugs. What else does a diabetic aspire to get? Diet is the key to it. Thanks to medfree.

  • Thanks.

    Diabetics who take control of their diabetes are the best doctors as it is they who live in their body and not ADA trained nutritionists or doctors whose agenda is to sell DRUGS. You have attained great A1C levels and in modern medicine such attempts are classified as dangerous because it impacts sale of drugs.

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