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My experience with diabetes

I am from a family with no history of diabetes. I underwent lumber surgery in 1986. We suspect during recovery 'steroids' were administered. After one month diabetes crept in. My diabetes is peculiar. Generally my fasting sugar would be normal. My PP after break fast increases by 100 units if not controlled by medicine. My afternoon levels before and after lunch are normal. The level before dinner used to be normal unless I go on a walking trip when it would come down below normal (50 - 80). If no medicine is taken after dinner it shoots up to 300. The doctors usually prescribe heavy dose for morning and half the dose for night. But I reverse it and take half dose for morning and heavy dose for night. Then only my fasting and PP used to be maintained within limits. Any suggestions?

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I do not understand the rationale behind going against doctor's prescription.Any reason?


Simple. Doctors check only fasting sugar and postprandial in the morning. In my case the variation is observed drastically in pre and post dinner sugar levels only. Hence my sugar control is necessitated not in the day but in the night. Hence I have gone against doctor's prescription and I am successful.


Normally the difference between fasting and PP sugar is 75 to 80 units. PP blood sugar must be higher than random.

In most of place the ranges mentioned for PP as well as random seems to be same. This cannot be true.

Then, Why are we testing PP after 1 1/2 hrs after break-fast?

In order to understand diabetes better, kindly compare Blood sugar after dinner and fasting.

The purpose of medicine is only to show less sugar; it is not guaranteeing any elimination of sugar.


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