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Dear all, I a diabetic with type 2 diabetes for last 4 years, at first my level was 350 and Ive started brisk walking and kept my self away from sweets and sugar for at least 2 months and after that my tests revealed that my blood sugar level remains at 350, then I came to know about the Pakistani fast bowler also have diabetes, then after some time I have discovered that my Diabetes is due to my psychological state and the reason of this diseases is different for different people.

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  • Did you ever go for A1C test if you did what is the result?

  • You must continue with brisk walking for 30 to 40 minutes/day, with this you also have to control your diet. Because the sugar level is pretty high you must consult the doctor also.

  • Please consult a doctor without delay.

  • It's a misconception that just by stopping sweets and sugar the levels will come down.

    Total CARBOHYDRATES intake is main culprit. CUT Down CARBS intake and BGL levels will come down. Yes to come down from that level you will need medicines to begin with.

  • It is surprising that you did not think that you need to talk to a doctor for diabetese.

    Walking alone is not enough. You have to combat this disease as army does to enemy .

    Please consul doctor , take medicine as prescribed, walk and walk but only walk willnot help and get your test done every quarter. You will be very fine.

    I am diabetic for about quarter of century and God willing I am ok with medicine.

    narendra ahuja

  • Very good advice.

  • Dear Reshma,the most effective ayurvedic medicine to control sugar level is Pterocarpus Marsupium or Indian Kino tree.Try it and you will forget about you problem.If you are interested,contact mr.Sergii

  • Given a right answer.

  • Diabetic one side is tablet other side is worry and stress keep that under control then go for doctor

  • Hello,

    You can continue to do brisk walking, but it does not solve your root of the problem. Have you tried any herbal medicine ? Being on insulin does control the blood sugar levels, however it does not solve the root of the problem. If you really want to quit your insulin please use herbal medicine from SB SIDH. Here is my testimony after using SB SIDH herbal medicine.

    ******HERE IS MY TESTIMONY******

    I am 33 years old and I was diagnosed as Type 1 Diabetic 7 years ago. I tried everything in my life just like how you did. Brisk walking, Controlled diet, drinking Karela Juice in morning, everything.....

    However, during all these years, No one including DOCTORS could not find the root cause of the problem. All these years, my body was addicted to Insulin and I used to take 70UNITS of INSULIN per DAY.

    One of my friend, introduced me to MR. SB SIDH. He has used SB SIDH medicine only for few months and he QUIT insulin.

    As my last option I tried MR. SB SIDH herbal medicine. After using herbal medicine for two months, I was surprised by the results. My INSULIN WAS REDUCED FROM 70 UNITS FROM 34 UNITS instantly. Currently I am on 34 units and I am hopeful that in another few months, SB SIDH is not a doctor, but he as a very special skill of identifying the root of the problem for PANCREAS. He will identify the root cause of the problem and will give medicine. It has worked for me.



  • where can i get the medicine, any contact detail will help. praveen

  • an email. you should see the response in no time.Good luck.

  • Would you please provide me the contact details of Mr. S.B. Sidh? From where can I get the medicine.


  • an email. you should see the response in no time.Good luck.

  • The level of normal blood sugar has changed from time to time.First the norma fasting sugar level was fixed by international agencies at 135 mg/dl then changed to 126 mg/dl and suddenly overnight about 45 oer cent population was declared diabetic.Then it was changed to 126 mg/dl and 50 % population declared diabetic in India and now n the level has come to 98 to 110 mg/dl and overnight the diabetic level in India increased to 60%. So it6 is controlled by pharmaceutical companies to sell their medical products.Mera bharat mahan

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