Could you please share your reactions with me?

Even though I tried hard to not take ANY Rx's, I finally asked the Dr if I could try Prozac once more, since it was the ONLY drug I have taken to which I didn't have a bad reaction. He was happy to.

Anyway, not such good luck in the 'no reactions' department this time... and my emotions are all over the place...Been SO down I just don't want to live (but have NO intentions of offing myself) Right now I feel worse than if I wasn't taking anything at all...but I KNOW I need to, because I want to be able to feel some sort of stability... Anyone have a rough start (or not) starting Prozac. I'm only starting on 10 mg...then Dr said he would up it to 20mg... Anyway, thank you.

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  • Hi Betty how long have you been on the prozac for? It is known to potentially cause suicidal thoughts initially, but then these feelings should wear off in a few weeks...

  • I was on prozac for 9 years and it was really effective in alleviating my depression

  • I was on 20mg to start with then up to 40mg

  • Be grateful that you don't have any intentions of offing yourself and cling onto that fact while giving the Prozac a chance to work

  • Hi Betty, how are you getting on?

  • Sorry to take so long to respond... been sick most of this past week with "Whateveritisthatthedocscan'tfigureout" :/ Anyway, It seemed to help to take the Prozac in the evenings around 7pm or 8pm instead of in the mornings.. I 'think' that it is helping the depression some... and I wish it would get rid of the anxiety... Back to my wishing for that Magic Pill that would just like POOF! solve everything! :) But at least I haven't had a bad physical reactions to the Prozac for which I am grateful. Hard to believe I've only been on it since Sept 15...I do keep hoping for 'the best'... Thank you, ElReilly, for asking. Hope everyone has a good day.

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