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Hi Im jackie and thought I would join this forum as I feel so alone in my battle with depression at the moment, Im currently taking Diazepam, propanolol and doctors put me on Mirtazapine but just stopped them due to suicide ideation and now on Fluoxetine on my 3rd day I guess what Im hoping for is some light at the end of the this dark dark tunnel. Life hasnt been an easy journey but I was always the strong one, now I don't feel strong anymore.


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  • Hi Jackie and welcome to our friendly Action on Depression Forum. I'm sure you'll find lots of support and information here.


  • Hi there jackie220166 you have come to the right place to start the healing process off :) It takes time to walk the walk but you shall get there with constant battle

  • Hi Satsuma thank you everyday is such a struggle and im tired of it but I have to keep going for my son just wish I could put my hand inside my head and turn the depression and anxiety switch off.

  • You can turn it off slowly .. Hard work is ahead with patience and determination

  • Hi Jackie,i have suffered with this illness all my life and i sympathize with you as i have been so low i have tried to take my own life and been hospitalized,it is not our fault we were born with a chemical imbalance in the brain,I'm with you on the side effects,horrendous,sometimes makes the condition seem worse,its a battle but please keep fighting and you are not alone.I wish you happier times.Ali x

  • Hi Ali

    Thank you it does help when you realise you are not on your own . I've now got a good psychiatric team in place I'm on Californian rocket fuel now which is a double whammy of 2 antidepressants weaning myself off diazepam and propranolol. But some days the overwhelming feeling of just wanting to disappear takes such a lot to control. Nearly a year and very small baby steps. Had to give up my job. Life sucks but we keep on going

    Jackie x

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