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Depression and Anxiety (Im new here)

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I do not know where to start this. All my life I have been feeling depressed and there is almost nothing I can do about it. I've been crying every single night and I barely get enough sleep. My family hates me and I have really been thinking about suicide. I wish someone would just open their arms and let me vent to them.

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Hi Ally sorry your feeling so down and alone: can I ask what age you are..?

What’s been going on?


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I am 19 years old. My family is a bunch of drug addicts that don't know what they are doing with their life. I just want to leave and go live with my boyfriend.

Everyone here will be here for you to vent. I understand how you feel. Most of us here do. Sleep and I have never really got along too. But as you get older you can kind of get used to it. Depression can be seen as an acceptance of the sadness of life and the world, which is just one of its facets. Accept that it's there and try to live beyond it. You can live and prosper depression notwithstanding.

Good luck.

Hi Ally19

Please talk and vent to us we are all here to help one another when we don' have anyone else accepting the past and accepting how we feel on a daily basis is hard and it is hard for others to understand but many of us have the same problem so hopefully we can ease your fears and anxiety we are not here to judge you but to help take the next step forward for a better life we can fight back at depression and anxiety together sending you a huge hug and lots of love

Hello Ally19, and welcome to the forum. I am sorry to hear you are feeling this way. Please stay on this supportive forum where you will receive support from other members. It may be a good idea to talk to your GP about how you are feeling. He/she will be able to offer some help and support. If you are feeling distressed, call The Samaritans, Freephone 116 123 24 hour helpline, 7 days a week. They provide a listening ear. If you are outside of the UK, there are some crisis support helplines on the screen. Have you tried writing to your family about how you are feeling, as this may help you. Keep posting. Best wishes.

Hello Ally 19 welcome to this group, we are all here to support you and give you the best advise as we can. Have you got any trusting friends that you could confide in and tell them how your feeling, because that would be good to talk to them. If not please do seek other advise your doctor will be the first port of call, make yourself an appointment and my advise is to write how your really feeling down as when we all tend to get there we some how clam up, as we are really nervous talking about how we really feel. There no shame in that. Depression is an awful illness people see us happy, smiley, but inside were broke. So please go see someone and have a good talk to them. You can vent your feelings out on this forum anytime we are all here to listen, so please don't feel your alone in this because your not. Take care of yourself and keep us posted on how your doing xx

I went to a 4 years depression, I understand you.

But don’t forget that as long as you’re determined, you’ll save yourself.

Get that thought out of your head! fuck suicide. try writing down all the things you feel! it actually helps for some people. For me it does! And whenever you start thinking about suicide. Tell yourself you're the best and your depression is not going to make you end your life becuase thats just stupid.

Talk to yourself! Go to your favourite place(if you have one) or whenever your family isnt home(if you dont live alone) My favourite place is on the toilet on the floor when my family isnt home hahaha! anyway, somewhere where you can be alone and just talk about everything that bothers you. Listen to yourself. Try and think logically and positive.

Maybe you think its silly to talk to yourself or maybe you already tried it.

Maybe you have a memory as a child or a certain smell that reminds you of a warmer place. Use it as a way of reminding yourself of better times.

As as soon as you start thinking about doing something stupid, SHAKE YOUR HEAD NO. GET UP. do pushups, make yourself a cup of tea, or go for a walk! Not because you feel like doing anything else but crying, but because you need to focus on something else. Focus doesn't have to be entertaining to be effective. All you need to do is get that thought out of your head and give your head something else to think about. Depression is a habit you need to get out of.

"all my life i have been feeling depressed" THEN YOU HAVE ALOT OF BAD HABITS TO EGT RID OF!

(If your family really hates you they must be awful people. Hate is a strong word.)

If you thought all of what I just said sounds stupid, dont worry, I just wanted to give my point of view! But if you on the other hand thought hmm id like to try this! Feel free to msg me and vent haha =) Im 20, I dont know your age but if we're about the same It might feel better for you =)

Hi Ally you may need to check the following blood levels serum & active vit b12 , folate,iron ,ferritin,cortisol,vit D levels .Find a integrative or Naturapath to treat you .Unfortunately depression, anxiety are never associated with a vital vitamin b12 deficiency.If b12 below 450 then you need supplements now otherwise nerve damage will occur.View videos on to inform you of medical conditions.Keep positive & seek treatment in the form of nutrition..

Hey dear Ally, it must've been hard for you. I can't say much but I know that sometimes when you're high or stressed and depressed you say something that you might regret. I think the same goes for your family. But it might be not. It'll be a little hard but try be positive. I know, I know it's hard, but it really helps even a little. And ranting and stressed abt it still okay too. thats why we re here. Don't hurt yourself, your boy, thats not worth it. U can have a good future, bright future. All I can say, wait a little longer until you can live on your own, work, and have your own life without your parents.

dont forget to forgive the others when you are already in a good state. I hope you have a good day sweetheart.

Ally from experience I am 27 years old . I grew up around drug addicts and fussing all my life I stayed around and it damaged me even more .

My best advice is to get counseling and job and work hard to be on your own and create your own life I PROMISE YOU ,YOU WILL HAVE PEACE always love your family but create that PEACE FOR YOURSELF . I AM NOW DECIDING TO PACK ALL MY THINGS AND GET AWAY THEY ARE SO TOXIC ITS RIDICULOUS.

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