Lit the lighter for more than 30s and have small explosion and it come into my eye

Hello everyone, I'm sorry that I post it in this forum. Because I don't know how to tell anyone else about it. I lit the lighter for 30s and then it started to be stronger and then it has no light itself and just left me the sound , it like the explosion and after the sound and there is air or gas come from it and I feel like it come to my eye but the lighter wasn't broke it was just hot. The thing that I scare is about the sound of it and the air or gas from it. Since then , I started to have dried eyes and a little pain with my anxiety. Sometime my eye is hurt and sometimes isn't . I also tell it to my dad and he told me it is okay just put some eyedrop and sleep. I'm scared it will too late if I don't go to check my eye and I try google and I found that some chemical fume which get in to the eye , the eye injury may not be apparent for up to week after explosion. It give me more fear .

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  • There goes your health anxiety again.

    I wonder how many more things you will find to worry about?

    You need to address this rather than reinforcing it by writing about more and more health issues that worry you.

  • I have most of these symptoms.

  • So please accept you have health anxiety as a reason for your multiple unexplained symptoms and start working on your thinking patterns instead of repeated posting of physical symptoms

  • that a good link goldfish. thanks for that. love grace xoxoxo

  • go to the doctor and get some peace of mind, as no one is going to be able to reassure you when your this anxious. i feel for you as i used to be like this many moons ago and i can stil get it occasionally.


    2. GO AND SEE A DR;


    4. READ STEPS 1-3 AGAIN.

  • Hi

    I think you should see your dr and ask to see someone about your issues.

    It seems that you make a problem out of something that happened and is not a problem. There is probably some underlying reason why you are doing this and I think it's time you found out what it is, don't you?

    Please get some help.

    Take care and good luck.

  • This this thread is now closed, thank you