should that be whom?

I thought it might be interesting to share our heroes with each other , may be give a little insight into who we are. Pick your Mum, or someone famous. There are many heroes on this forum. You will recognize my hero. I have admired him for years for he was fiercely brave , a strong leader of men , and incredibly intelligent. I have taken classes on him, read books about and by him. He had his own demons to fight and it never stopped him. I am referring of course to that American/Brit. Sir Winston Churchill.


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  • Siouxsie Sioux is my heroine. The singer from the band Siouxsie and the Banshees and The Creatures. She is a real star and icon to me.

  • I have heard of her but am not familiar with her music. I will check her out on you tube.

  • Hello there

    Yes check the band out you may be hooked! X

  • Hey, I checked out Souixsie and the Banshees. I must say I think she was ahead of her time. I liked her early work the best, her voice got really raspy later on. Amazing band although Punk was never really my thing. It was an age time thing.Pam

  • Hi Pam,

    Did you really! Yes she was way ahead of her time and that is why their music is timeless. They never followed trends fashion etc were totally unique and uncompromising.

    Siouxsie herself has always been a smoker which was bad for her vocals and if course her style of vocal took its toll on her eventually as far back as 1982 when she was only 25 she was coughing up blood and was ill at this time the doctors told her if she did not change her style of singing she would never sing again. How wrong they were. She rested and carried on regardless! You most probably saw the latest performance from 2013 with out the banshees still a great performance but you can not compare it with the peak years. There is one excellent post on YouTube under the title of the vocal range of Siouxsie Sioux for someone new to her work it gives a much wider view . Although they started via punk they never restricted themselves to any genre never called themselves a punk band and this was because it would categorise them and they simply did not fit in to any box they were just Siouxsie and the Banshees unlike any one else x

  • You have to admire people who are true to their art form. It always comes at a price, but I think they are driven and have no choice. Thank you for making me aware of this group. Todays music doesn't grab me like the eighties, maybe seventies. In comparison most of what we get today is insipid. You can't say Souxsie was insipid. LOL Pam

  • Thats all true and kids today are into their music which really says it all

  • Winston Churchill was one of my favourites too but also Einstien x

  • One of my favorite quotes from Einstein , "logic will get you from A to B, but imagination will take you every where."

  • I have 3 heroines. Lynne & Anne Marie who help me in very practical ways, & Frances who is a brilliant emotional support. These are my top 3, but I'm lucky because I have another 7 good friends who support me in various ways. Plus I have my family.

  • This tells me you must be a special person to have so many people devoted to you, Pam

  • Thanks Pam,

    I know I am very fortunate to have so many people who care about me and help me. I realise not everyone is so blessed.

    Kind regards, Catherine.

  • My first hero is my grandmother, who,lost a baby with spinabiffida, a child of 5 from diphtheria and two grandchildren and her husband. She always had a smile, got on with her life, helped her family and me especially. She had time for everyone, kept her home and garden until she died at 94yrs. She always believed shed see her loved ones again and was my tower of strength and idol. I always think of her when I'm down and think how hard her life was and how she kept going on. I even talk to her and ask her to help me be strong.

    My second is Leonardo de Vinci, a genius of his time and a fore runner of many inventions people have since developed. Also a brilliant medical man as well as artist.

    Thanks for the post I have enjoyed thinking about what you asked and reading everyone's replies too.

    Have a good day.

  • Your post reminded me of my own Grandmothers and what a huge influence they both were on my life. People didn't seem to worry about being happy back then, they were too busy surviving..

    My degree is in Art, so I am familiar with Mr. de Vinci. Do you know he kept the Mona Lisa with him and worked on it for over 20 yrs. An amazing man.

  • Yes I agree with you they were too busy and tired. Although my Gran said we do more in a day because of modern appliances. Monday was wash day for them etc. She always wanted to drive or fly a plane she loved speed 😊

    I did know that and that he did post-mortems etc. He was always on the edge of the law because of that and because of his sexuality. He lived in dangerous times for someone with his brain and talents. I wonder what he'd invent now if he was alive?

  • Can only agree with Churchill and Einstein. Also James Clerk Maxwell , Muhammed Ali (the boxer not the terrorist), Alexander the Great, Brian Setzer (Guitarist with Stray Cats and the BS Orchestra) , plus two wonderful uncles I had, and two wonderful pianists Martin Pyrker and Luca Sestak plus very many war heroes, a surprising number of them Polish.


  • I was going to ask favorite food, but you would probably write a cookbook.

  • That is one thing you can be sure I would n't and could n't do.


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