Im sorry

I wish i didnt have to post how ive been for sometime last night monday i got home from work agitated tried to sleep i slept a hour and woke in a state crying a lot and eventually calmed down but went to bed at at 11pm with my tablets taken but i was up at 00:40 feeling anxious again im worried about not sleeping again and get into a vicious circle i phoned my sister and she thinks its mostly down to losing my mum which has got a lot to do with it ! Im still afraid of dying especially in my sleep and dont know were to go next please dont think im saying poor me im genuinely afraid ! Thank you for anything you can suggest david


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  • Hi David no one is going to suggest you are just feeling sorry for yourself - not on here anyway. I think we have all been there. Even though I take mirtazapine to help me sleep I often wake up quite a few times in the night. Sometimes I can't go back to sleep.

    I find what helps me is to get up and do something boring ie read a dull book. Another thing which works is to do a crossword. This makes my brain tireder so I can't think so much. I have even resorted occasionally to having a very large vodka and coke and this does knock me out. Not that I am recommending this but it works for me.

    Dry your tears and look round for a distraction to take your mind off yourself a bit. Not easy I know but worth doing. I am thinking of you my love. Hugs xx

    Ps I did originally sign my name but don't like doing this on unlocked posts!

  • Hi there coughalot thank you for taking the time to answer my post ! I managed to sleep a bit last night up at 5:25 am still feeling crap but i hopefully will feel better as the day goes on ! Again thank you for taking the time to answer my post david

  • Have you tried talking to a therapist? Sorry about your mum. Hope you feel better.

  • It is terrible when you can't sleep. I have similar problems. I went back onto my old meds ( mirtazipine, olanzapine and zopiclone) and I got a decent sleep for about 3 nights which was bliss. Now I am back to taking hours and hours to get to sleep (this has been the case for some time anyway) but then waking up tens of times in the night and finally waking early.

    David never apologise for posting ; that is what we are here for. x

  • Hi stilltrying. Thank you for taking the time to reply to my post ! Ive got the doctors after work so hope fully he can help not seen my phyciatrist fot about a month or so. Regards the zopiclone wouldnt touch with them my wife was put on them and now struggles to sleep with out them !thk you

  • Yes i know what you mean. I would advise anyone never to start zopiclone or if you ever do just take it for 3 days in an absolute crisis but don't take it regularly. It's too late for me having been on it for more than 15 years; I keep trying to reduce or come off it but I end up not sleeping at all night in night out and my mental health problems get worse during this time. I've managed to get down to a half before now but only for a couple of days. I was taking a ridiculous amount of herbal tablets to try and sleep and thought in the end is it better for me to take 15 herbal tablets or one zopiclone and all in all taking one zopiclone which works better than the herbal ones is what I live with now. X

    Best of luck at the doctors, Xx

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