depression sucks

I have been diagnoised with sever depression back in October 2015. I also have difficulties with Autism and Insomnia, my mood swings are terrible and can switch so quickly. some days it becomes so overwhelming and other days I want to cry but cant because I feel like nothing there. can any one relate? oh im also on medication but it doesn't seem to be working

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  • Hi hun, sorry you don't feel like you are getting any better, recovery can be a long process. Tell your doctor if you don't think the medication is working, tablets don't usually work all on their own though, so I hope you are also getting other support along side them.

    Depression can be experienced so differently, or maybe I should say it's recovery from, a lot of the times it can depend on how good life was before it struck and then meds can just help you get there, otherwise we have to gradually or constantly learn new coping skills to make the most out of this life.

    Sometimes in this life its easier to give rather than receive and at this time you need to give yourself as much love and compassion as you can muster and that's sometimes the hardest thing to do. Take things slowly so that you can experience the small improvements without great expectations, that way lots of little things will add up to a greater freedom to being like you want.

    Hang on in there and keep trying, there is so many good things in this life to experience, sometimes we all need a little help from our friends to get there xxx

  • Its often difficult to cry with depression. It deadens normal feelingsand in a sense there is "nothing there". It may take a few different trials of anti depressants before they find the right mix for you so be patient and keep reporting to your GP on how effective or vice versa your medication is. I'm no doctor but the general advice seems to be give any anti depressant at least 3 months to have a major beneficial effect.

    At least if you are having mood swings presumably you are sometimes having better days which is good as many depressives get several months of solid depression with no relief. It is important I would think to plan activities and exercise during the up swings, preferably ones that commit you to carrying the commitment through even when a lower mood strikes.

    Most depressed people usually appear better to others than they feel, especially if you are good at putting on a front. This is valuable as it means its easier to preserve normal social contacts which helps a lot , although it will sometimes put you under stress. You are almost certainly better company than you feel you are when in a down spell and you can always tell people you missed a night's sleep or you're feeling a bit under the weather if anyone comments on it. What ever you do ,do all you can to avoid withdrawal from friends and contacts. This is difficult when down but I always found that when I was brave enough to involve myself it was nearly always far easier than I expected. The anticipation is usually worse than the event turns out to be.

    Best wishes Olderal

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