Life sucks

Just writing a rant why it is life feel life it sucks so bad everyday and I feel like life on top of me everyday I think about not being here would it be better. I think the only reason I have not is because I took a overdose at 13 and saw the pain it cause my mum . Being depress ain't easy I never knew the affect it has on your life til now I'm repeating myself now if you read my past post but when you're depressed I never relise how even more shit you feel when the person you love probably walks out over it. It feels like your depression has gone up 10 fold. To be honest now I feel alone in a low dark place and the worst thing I know it and i don't want to feel like it but feel so shit anyway its unbelievable. Why o why have they made life this way why do some of us just get depressed so easily and other who just get on and nothing flaze them. I envy that I really do cos I don't have that will power and the more I'm writing the more I relise how much this illness has mess up my life and probably  a few other on here it make me so sad . I  wish,hope that I can get out depression soon cos one big thing I have learnt is depression can destroy you and your soul cos I feel like it destroy mine 

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  • Hi Bradley, sometimes the simplest of things can help, like meditation. Get a mantra and keep saying it over and over to stop your mind going over and over the fact you feel so bad. Meditation has been around for 100's of years and research is proving it can be as valuable now as it always has been, it calms the breathing and heart so slowly you can regain control.

    Does it cure?, No, you have to fight back on depression from a few angles I'm afraid, diet is important and social support is even more important, be it from family and friends or your local health providers. 

    Sadly life just isn't as simple as, if your ill pop a pill, if you don't change something about yourself  you are more likely to keep having repeated bad episodes? 

    Please don't lose faith in yourself, keep trying to find what you can do rather than what you can't. You are full of potential and life is full of unexplored wonders for everyone, if there is just one tiny little thing you feel you could try today, try it! It's a start. It may be a slow journey but you can come out the other side much stronger and happier to learn how to cope with all the curve ball's life may throw your way.

    Take care, lots of hugs your way x

  • I was going to post my thoughts but ladeda as said everything I would have said take care and I wish you well

  • Please don't stop is one of the ways by which you can get rid of emotions. It will give you courage to fight negative thoughts.

    Depression don't always destroy gives us the power to fight and brings best out of us . If you have any hobby, please try to concentrate on it.. Negative thoughts are sometimes most powerful stimulator to bring best out of you.

    Take care

    Good luck.

  • Depression does n't have to mess up your life ,bradley. Some of us have suffered depression on and off for years.,and are OK.  Life is difficult for most people whether they have depression or not, although depression does make life  difficult and will give you some very unhappy spells. 

    However you can bet your boots that many of the people you meet everyday who don't seem to have any problems, have very real problems. Think of cancer, diabetes, mental issues,disability, AIDs, poverty, accidents, you name it and you soon realise that many of the people you are meeting must have problems. The Gods hate us all and only the very rich avoid some of the problems by throwing money at their problems, although even that won't scare illness off.

    I know you and I would have designed the world differently ,Sometimes I think my cat could have made a better job of it, but maybe its better tough. keeps the human race evolving. Who knows ,maybe we'll be invaded from space and then we'll be glad that we've evolved tough. Either way  this is the only world we've got and the only thing you can do is to stop moaning about it and make the most of it.

    Depression won't destroy you and your soul. It may  make you feel like that until you come out of it, when you'll find you and your soul are still in one piece. You may need some medical help to come out of depression as quickly as possible so if you have n't already done so , I would see your GP.

    I really hope that you are free of depression again soon, and believe me you'll have many spells of happiness to come.I hope the next one starts for you really soon.


  • Groups like this help so much

    Sincerity  helps me come out of the darkness ....connecting with people who have felt or feel the way I  do.....sharing  experiences  be understood has a way of  lifting  you up , giving you hope ....xx

  • ohh hey ur life just sounds like mine . To the point were you just don't care any more