Pain and depression

I've been feeling particulary low this week and a few days ago I felt like hurting myself, haven't felt like that for a while I felt so bad and eventually I broke down and cried, I do not feel like I can talk about this to my partner/carer . This morning I woke to find that I not only have joint pain but stabing pains in my muscels so tired of all this. My mobility is poor so I have to use a wheelchair to moblise, I've attended the Pain clinic so know what an effect depression can have on pain but I believe also that the pain can also cause depression. Going back to bed hoping that maybe my second dose of pain killers may give me some relife later.

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  • May I ask what is causing the lack of mobility and pain you have tobie ?

  • Hi Satsuma , I suffer from Psoratic Arthritis , Osteoarthritis in knees, Rhumatism in lower back according to one of the Rhumatogists which causes me a lot of pain and I use a tens belt and heat packs for some relife, Myelopathy- Spastic paraparesis which is caused by a "degenerative changes from C6-C7 at C5 there is a broad based disc bulge with a superimposed central disc protusion which results in moderate central canal narroeing" MRI 2010 and I also suffer from Function Neurology Disorder.

    I suffer from leg weakness and a lot of pain to name but a few. X

  • My word tobie You have a lot to contend with and it is no wonder you feel the way you do.

    As a sufferer of chronic pain i understand how delibitating it can be. I have found Hot Pilate's to be beneficial both physically and emotionally. Was hard to start with but gets easier with more practise.

    Regular massages would help you .. Could you ask your partner/carer to massage you ? If not a trip to the spa would help to uplift you.

    Do you use essential oils ? These can be of aid used in the bath or mixed in with a carrier oil eg; sweet almond oil. Even used in an oil burner they can produce wonderful, stimulating effects depending on the oil of your choice as they all do different things.

  • Hi Satsuma I used to love going for massages and refelxology sadly I will not anyone near my feet or body as I have widespread psorasis, however my partner is quite good at massaging and exercising my legs he also applies my creams. I haven't had a bath since 2010 since the OT got a low level shower put in :) I do however put lavender in my oil burner it's my favorite and you are right it does both calm and uplift me I really should use it more. I was taken out yesterday for a drive and it was lovely to see the countrysde and sea so feeling brighter today.

  • I understand you have many health issues but yes get the lavender aromating your area .. Anything that relaxes, calms and uplifts I am all for :)

    Getting out and about enjoying nature certainly helps us .. It helps to restore equilibrium to our souls .. Again I'm all for that :) Love the great outdoors I do

  • Its great to hear you are feeling brighter today tobie

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