Suicidal over family mess

My chest hurts so bad I feel like I could have a heart attack. My heart is so broken since my sons father left I dont do anything. I dont want to live anymore I honestly don't. I wake up every day with the worst anxiety and dread and I feel like my son deserves better. I can't deal with this crap anymore. It PHYSICALLY HURTS!

Please someone help me. My heart aches so bad. I want to die :'(


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  • Hi Cleb how can I help you? Talk me through what you're feeling

  • Hello Cleb

    All I can advise here is that you visit GP and there may be a treatment plan He can suggest. You need to take that advice now as some form of CBT can be introduced. That may lead to help for your situation.

    If you are feeling suicidal call 111 on the telephone and ask for help and assistance. If that is not possible you can go to a police Station or A and E Hospital and say you need to put in a place of safety as you are Suicidal. That is all I can suggest

    How can I help you, where has your husband gone,

    iF you are a British National I would advise that if you feel your husband is not coming back you may be a good idea to also talk to CAB and Social Services to see if there is any form of monitory support can be gained for the child. Your husband should be liable for providing care.

    You could also approach a Solicitor if you need legal help

    We are alway around for a chat if that would help you


  • When I split with my husband over 5 years ago I realised how we just accept marital breakups as being a common part of life. When it happened to me I also found out what a truly devastating event this is - it actually felt closer to the grief you would expect to experience from death. Five years on and I still feel like I am grieving but the feelings are much much less intense and become further apart. At first I was completely broken and in tears every day, One day I realised it had been nearer two weeks since I broke down and that is the way it continued with the intervals getting longer and longer.

    Unlike death we still have to deal with a living relationship because of the children which is probably even harder than death as new ways of dealing with each other have to be negotiated which can be very turbulent, but while this may be harder for us we need to go through it so that it is easier for the children.

    I really am sorry for your loss but know that you have to find the strength to go on for yourself and your child. Go to the doctors too - anti-depressants may provide you with some temporary relief.

  • Hi cleb how are you today?

  • hi cleb, please please do not do anything to harm yourself. you are feeling immense pain now, heartbreak can manifest itself physically. your son needs and wants his mum, mummy, the person whom he loves the most in the world, YOU. please do not abandon him, the pain of rejection will be passed onto him that you yourself are going through now. your son needs you, please just love him. hold him close and know that you are wanted and needed. you are loved xo

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