I hate life

Recently I found out that someone I like just used me for sex so this and feeling like crap beforehand just made everything worse....I have no motivation and my suicidal thoughts are coming back...I've tried to contact counselling services but the only one that has got back to me has closed its waiting list. I feel lonely, worthless and just dead...I don't want to do anything and I don't know why it comes and goes all the time, I just want it to stop - it's and endless cycle of ups and downs and I'm done with it......


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  • Hello hh49

    You were on about three days ago, you were cooking on gas and life was carrying you along at a positive, breaking speed

    You had your music and all was right with the world.

    When we are used life hurts like mad and like all normal people we can feel dirty and put upon. You need to rationalize your feelings and move to a more better place where you can bring back positive thoughts.

    To say life is a bitch is an understatement and is not a word I would use, as female dogs are very supportive to their depressed owners.

    Have you seen your GP some positive actions to control your Mania. As most problems we suffer can be controlled with treatment and medications. If you have not talked to your GP it may be a good idea to make an appointment and explain your feelings and how you wish to move on.

    Like you I sometimes feel like I would like to roll up in a ball and protect my back in a corner of a bedroom so no-one else can stab me in the back, Of course there are so many ways that people can bite or hurt us. It is hard to protect ourselves from an uncaring, greedy, coward to all. To satiate their needs no matter what are best to be dropped in a muddy ditch.

    We are always here for a chat and give support


  • Thanks so much....I have these up and down moments and it sucks....I'm currently talking to childline but it's not the best.....I feel like I'm talking to a machine

  • Good luck

    You know were we are


  • I know how you feel this happened to me a while ago, i also go through a cycle of ups and downs and it's so frustrating 10 steps forward 20 back. Try and keep strong and see your doctor as soon as you can. M.

  • Thanks a lot

  • Did you enjoy the sex though? If so, that is one small positive thing to take out of it. The person should have made it clear what was going on. If you had previously been harboring feelings for them and making them into something they were not it may have stopped you from meeting other people, now you know who they really are so will not waste more time on them. Don't get me wrong, I am not condoning their behaviour, but there are few experiences in this life that have no silver linings if you look.

  • Thanks, I know what you're on about....I haven't spoken to her at all, she's the only girl I hate and I essentially gave her a lovely "fuck you" via text because she was never going to meet with me so it's he problem not mine

  • Can you watch your language please hh49. Swearing is not allowed on the site. x

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