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Hate myself

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Is anyone like me who just hates the way they look..I'm a 42 year old male and I don't know why I'm so obsessed with the way I look..I see my self as ugly..i focus on everything like my hair, my looks , my profile and compare my self to others..I look in the mirror and say yuk to myself..it really puts me down to the point I beat myself up over it then get really depressed and just lye in bed all day and am moody..I hate this..its really taken over my life.. it makes me depressed, low low self esteem,and not confident..I don't want to waste my time on this so why am I like this...I've been like this for years..i mean I understand I'm getting older not younger and looks don't last but I just want to know why i think like this..The other thing is that I have no problem attracting people and i get told how beautiful I am all the time and people compliment me on my features...but I just don't see it...I've never told anyone about this its the first time..does anyone else relate

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I can. Have got body dysmorphia. I know and read all that stuff about self love self acceptance feeling grateful (compare down- with someone who has been less lucky in life/ body deformation or cancer or a disability) but this helps only for a moment if at all. I do try to practice that and say thank you to my body for carrying me and being able to work and do so many things. Then again, my body sometimes feels so alien to me and is a source of pain both mental and physical. Try gratitude or comparison to someone who is worse off than you. No harm in trying. Maybe will work for you? Best wishes. G.

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Thank you so much..

I love to use the word I suffer from health problems as there are many.

I hate myself, but i found want i like, I love to help others, as long as I am helping others, I do not thick of myself or the many health problems I suffer from.

I never compare myself to other but learn from them how they manage what they suffer from.

I was born with most of these things I suffer from, my parent could not help, I feel lovely all my life, afraid of anyone finding out, that I hear things, see things that others could't, that i could not controll my emotion, a big man like you, you can help to do shopping. Give that person a hand, people say give up your seat.............

From my head to toe, I constant suffer from pain, I think of notthing ...........

I am a Volunteer Peep Mentor now nothing as changed but I am living my dreams helping others.

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Thank you so much..I hear what you say..I'm glad your living your dream..

How you look isn't your problem. It is the distraction that keeps you from knowing what is really wrong. Therapy helped me work through a similar problem and find out what I really am. We are so much more than our physical appearance. Pam

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Yeah, your so right..The thing is I'm aware of what your saying yet I'm still behaving like this..and yeah, we are more than out physical appearance..you are a beautiful person..thank you..

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It takes practice and reminding yourself of what is important to you. I consider myself a work in progress. Thank you for your kind words. Pam

Thanks brother..you are such an artist and so talented..your also a good writer..

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Hiya, yes, absolutely I can relate to this. I suppose what helps me deal with it, is that like you, I get on well with other people, so I must have some positive qualities, but I might have to wait some time before I get called 'beautiful', although I'm sure my dog thinks that !!

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We do we have so many positives ..that's the thing..I'm going to focus on them from now on..

Very much so, particularly of late

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