Well here I am again feeling like I am losing my mind! I can't concentrate, focus or remember things to save my life. I can't even get my thoughts together to clearly explain what's happening to me. Let me give this a try... I was diagnosed over 3 years ago with depression and anxiety and have been off and on medication. I would mainly stop taking the medication because I felt like it wasn't helping me with the cognitive difficulties I had been experiencing since this all started. So, let's just to the present, now not only do I have those problems I have also started experiencing only what I can refer to as confusion. I really feel confused and out of it. Add to that blurred vision all of the time, headaches, muscle pain and weakness. My doctor did run blood tests which all came back normal. He told me that he doesn't think it's anything more than the depression and anxiety. I'm freaked out! I think it's something much more serious than just it possible for my mind and body to be effected like this? Is there a chance if I start medication and stay on it will I improve? Or am I going to continue to decline? Please help me...

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  • Hello Dawn

    What do you think is wrong ?

    Many depressive become self centred to their health, it is a dwelling on your condition and generally your GP will most probably give tests to put your mind at rest, hence your blood tests.

    it is lack of concentration etc all that is generally depression, when you understand that and your GP has tried calm your worries, hopefully you will only need to take medications for a period of time and hopefully you may recover from this chemical imbalance

    With regard to your eyes, have you been to have your eyes checked, another thing that may help you.

    Look for ways to put your mind at rest, you can then put your worries on the back burner and begin to live your life to its full

    Good Luck


  • Hi Bob,

    Thanks for getting back so quickly. Yes, I understand that I should be at least somewhat comforted by the fact that the tests came out normal. But my mind tells me it's something like a brain tumor or something along those lines. Have you ever heard of someone having these issues with the concentration, memory and confusion and it just being depression?

  • Hello Dawn

    Generally all the feeling you are suffering from can be stress related.

    Talk to your GP, they give tests to try and put your mind at rest as you have already done the the difficult thing and seen the GP.

    You need to ask yourself the reasons why you are depressed ?. When you know that you can understand and act on your feelings and worries


  • Bob

    I have a lot of things going on in my life that cause me stress. But, I have always had a stressful life. Why now would it be affecting me?


  • One thing I was told was when the brain has problems that need to be sorted it can generally depending on the person deal with five problems, this of course is a general situation. If you suffer a death you are dealing with the estate of the person who has passed over or if you have just been in hospital etc this can be be very stressful

    The brain needs to be able to make files for each problem and to much on can cause problems. You can possibly be stressed.

    Depression again can be caused by work of family issues, everyone is different.

    Personally I do not know why you are suffering only you can know that.

    All I can suggest is ??? do not dwell on problems throughout the day, take little bites when you see ways into your worries etc. That is all I can suggest of course I am not a medical man so if you feel bad see your GP. He will try and help you put everything into perspective


  • Thank you Bob.

  • Hello Dawn

    I suffer from the same, I have Chronic Pain issues and Depression.

    My concentration is very bad, I also become confused and that is followed on with headaches. All very worrying although several GPs and Pain Specialists confirmed its causes.

    Many medications can have the same contraindications. With me above has gone on for thirty years, so if it has been a tumor I should now be dead.

    If you are not happy go and see your GP for a scan, so your worries can be put to rest.

    Remember I am not a GP or Specialist


  • Gentle hugs. Depression can be confusing, as can it's causes. Blood test are good as they are a mini MOT and give your GP a chance to rule out illnesses that mimic depression as part of their symptoms. Medication for depression does help, as does exercise and distraction techniques that give your mind something to focus on rather than the depression itself.



  • Thank you for the hugs! I am just so worried..I can't think straight, remember things and feel confused like in a fog. Not to mention making mistakes when I talk...the symptom list goes on and on...I know I need some type of help but I don't know where to start!

  • Just a random question. Do you have unexplained pain? I say this because you mention some parallel symptoms to Fibromyalgia.



  • Dawn, my experience is that medication and stress can make you feel very weird indeed ( before anyone goes mad I am not knocking medication but it is a question of getting the dosage right and getting the right medication). Sometimes there can unfortunately be an underlying organic problem but at the moment as the bloods came out normal that is in one way good news but at the same time I know myself that it can be very frightening to think that these terrible feelings you are experiencing are "just" anxiety and depression.

    Thing is though it isn't really just a "just" as both of these things can give very severe symptoms. I'm glad you are writing on here and that you are finding it supportive; I think just knowing that there are other people like yourself and finding people with similar experiences can give some relief.

    Let us know how you're going on and if there's any improvement. Also agree with Jilly that if you have unexplained pain it could be fibromyalgia as I have that too but that is one of those things that would take time to diagnose anyway as it is a diagnosis based on symptoms rather than bloods. I don't want you to worry about this as it may not be this at all; it's just something to think about if you do have a lot of muscle pain as well.

    Gemma XX

  • I don't know if this is the same as you but depression affects my memory, concentration and decision-making really badly - problems which hang on a bit when I am feeling better. I am also a terrible hypochondriac, so any physical niggle is always cancer/a tumour/death around the corner - which just makes things worse.

    I recently came off my meds (fluoxetine) as I was feeling better, but I would def take them again if (and when!) the depression returns. So I'd say discuss it with your doctor but do consider the meds again if you think they might help. You have to break the cycle somehow.

    Good luck