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Basically I really love this girl, she says she likes me as well. However because she's fallen out with her friends she doesn't want to date anyone because her friends come first. One of her friends told me that she might be leading me on and I cried for about an hour. I've been feeling depressed since I broke up with my ex about six months ago and now I feel even more worthless, shit and like life isn't worth living. I'm 16 for fuck sake....what do I do? If depression goes down on my medical records I can't join the marines which I really want to do

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I am sorry you are in this situation. Please watch your language though as swearing is not allowed on the site.

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Haha sorry my bad

Hi hh49,

Love hurts doesn't it? But this probably isn't clinical depression. So don't worry about your medical records and the future implications of that. You have strong feelings for someone, they've given you mixed messages and they've pushed you away. Your current distress is a perfectly normal reaction. The best advice I can give you is just let it be with this girl. Maybe she'll change her mind and come to you. Maybe she won't.

In the meantime focus on you and working through your emotions. You sound like you're still in a painful place from your previous relationship, as well as this one - so you need to be kind to yourself. When you feel a certain emotion, allow yourself to experience and process it. Don't be afraid to cry when you feel like crying. You might also find listening to sad music and writing poetry helps.

Also spend time with friends and plan yourself some nice things to look forward to. And overtime, things will get easier. As you've said yourself, you're only 16 and one day I'm sure you'll meet someone incredible who will give you the love and respect you deserve.

I hope this helps,

wanderingwallflower xx

Thank you so much

Your only 16 you shouldn't feel so pressured into relationships your so young you have many years ahead of you to find girls that will love you and will make you come first because you wont be just her boyfriend but a true bestfriend for her to talk to and laugh with . And hey maybe when she's back with her friends she will date you so please don't get worried over one girl there's many others out there! Cheer up hang out with your mates and have the time of your life as a teenager because you only live once!

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Thank you

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I don't feel pressured I just love this girl and i feel at a loss

I understand what its like to love someone you cant have..try to find something else you also love tho! I like to listen to music and go out with friends and watch movies dat makes ME happy. Do what makes you feel happy!

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Thing is though there's very little that does anymore. But I understand what you mean

Hi hh49,

My suggestion: Get seriously into exercise and working out. As it turns out, there are some studies that show that if you do have depression, exercise works just about as well as medication to cure it.

If you are depressed, you could exercise your way out of it without having to see a doctor and have it go on your medical records. It would also help you get ready to join the marines.

If it turns out you really weren't depressed after all, well, you would still be in better condition to join the marines. (And a chick magnet.)

If you are so depressed that it's too hard to motivate yourself to start exercising (I've been there! I know!), talk to a friend about your situation and ask them to exercise with you. Or ask a parent or teacher to help motivate you to go. It's tough at first, but once you can get into a routine, and then start feeling better, it gets much easier.

Good luck to you!


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Thank you


Only sixteen and chasing this girl around, She admits She has fallen out with Her friends and waiting on them coming back to fill Her diary, so then She can arrange a date that will not get in the way of a hypothetical date. ???

Personally she is tickling your fancy, putting it in a polite way she is playing you down the road and back again.

At sixteen we all wonder will we get someone to love us. Believe me when I was sixteen I felt the same way and would latch on to girls that were older than myself. We are all the same, girls can be the same as well.

Believe me you have a long way to go and you will have many dates to look out for and believe me you do not need this form of attitude.

The years will go on and on and the more you become older the more you will understand the game that has been played out for thousands of years. I was engaged at seventeen while at college, at twenty one we broke up and I did not have a date for three or four years, I was not interested I was to busy with dancing and meeting other people, eventually when not looking, you can need to fight them of and that was a problem I had at that time, I was dancing three nights a week and eventually I met someone who was not even from my close friends, a person from 20 miles away that had moved from Bath back to her home area.

Believe me let this one go, if She is playing you around she will miss your attentions possibly then She may take more interest in you.

My girlfriend who I became engaged to was the wrong person I stayed in the relationship for four years because I was worried I would not find anyone else.

Do not worry, girls are going through the same problems you have and arrange dates that are with boys that will prove unsuitable. Let yourself settle it is not worth the hassle in this case, believe me!!!!


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I understand just think of what makes you most happy in the world and go get it

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Haha that would be her,

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Is it love, or addiction?

If you joined the marine, she might be after you so focus on your dream and try not to give ashit about this relationship

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