My story

Morning all, I'm new to this forum and thought I would share my story and see if anyone was in the same boat.

Ok so I'm 23 yrs old and I would consider myself to have had depression since I was a teenager even though it was only diagnosed when I was 22. One incident I will never forget was when I was 16, I used to be in control of my dad's medications and I would put them into his monthly pots for him. One day was really bad for no particular reason and I desperately wanted to take all of my dad's tablets but I didn't.

I feel a trigger point for me being diagnosed with depression was my university course. This time last year Uni got way too much which lead to the one of many times I wanted to quit. I was also having a difficult family life at the time and was struggling to juggle it.

My now boyfriend of 2 years was an absolute angel throughout this time. He often got stuck with me on my really bad days and would just hug me while I cry my eyes out. I can't thank him enough for sticking by me and we are still together now.

I also ended up going counselling for a while.

So an update now would be that I have been on antidepressants for about 7 months now and I'm coping really well. Yeah I still have the odd bad day but nothing like what it used to be. im now in 3rd year of Uni and with all the luck in the world I qualify in September 2015.

Thank you for reading :)


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3 Replies

  • Thank you for sharing your story. I have to go out in a bit so not able to write long response but just to let you know I have read it and I am pleased that things are improving for you. Always good to hear about the" success" stories on here. Gemma X

  • Thank you for taking the time to reply to me xxx

  • Hi Olivia

    What a lovely Post. Firstly your very welcome to the Forum and I hope

    You will join us here.

    That is great that you got help relatively early in life, that's a big plus, as Depression

    Is not easy. Your boyfriend sounds supportive and a lovely guy.

    It's great that your studies are going well too, and you sound like your very

    Together, it's nice to put a positive post here. This post will give hope

    To anyone reading it. Good luck with the rest of your studies and life

    In general.

    Hope to get to know you a bit better later Olivia.

    Hannah x

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