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A story from my life story


At 18 I was in a gang of killers / robbers one day they robbed me for my share of a job I did with them while I was in prison, so I robbed them back but they then came back for me. I was set up by my so called friend ambushed & kidnapped. I was tortured for a night into the day.

The torture I received started with my fingers being snapped back, them my upper face and hair was blowtorched & then all my joints were baseball battered and after all that the baseball bat was forced into my asshole and kicked in.

I was very lucky to get away how and when I did when I threw myself out of their car while they was transporting me somewhere new.

After I fiscally recovered I attempted to kill 2 of them but only managed harmed one successfully later on I found faith with my higher power and upon that i forgave them all for what they done. Ever since then when ever I’m met with wrongdoing after a deep thoughtful meditation on the subject I forgive instead of revenging. Thee end.

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My brother went around with some gangs, one got murdered with girlfriend and his brother started a nursery afterwards, selling plants - they were into stealing and drugs. Luckily my brother came out of it many years and got security job after training programme. He had many stories of torture, knifing and the like. They have their protection but lots of danger, murder.

I understand thanks for sharing 👊

I'm sorry you've experienced this but I don't think it's apprpriate for this forum.

And I’m sorry you didn’t comprehend my story as a genuine mental health factor due to the intense abuse I suffered there and thereafter. I became a drug addict as a director result to block out the reality of shame etc

Glad you recovered, hard life with what you experienced and lived through, people can change, as you did and people can recover as you did. Proud of your accomplished ends in your journey. You got a second chance at life multiple times it seems one with gang life and revenge and then with becoming an addict to a life of discovery and recovery. Stay strong One day at a time!

💯 ultimately Love can overcomes all

It takes a lot for someone to tell their truth and let others see their truth. Because unfortunately in this world their are people who will judge, but with his truth and his story and journey it can help someone else who may be going through what he went through and his truth can help them. Honesty, Open-mindedness and Willingness. Sharing your story and being raw takes courage and strength in itself. Congratulations on your recovery. And sharing in hopes of helping others and also in helping yourself. 🙏🏼

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So where is he suppose to share his story? Are you the one who decides what is apropriate or not?

Thanks for sharing ur story with all of us.Some may not understand or find it hard to read BUT the bottomline is...u never gave up,u have turned ur life around n ur here n elsewhere helping others.

Its about never giving up n having hope.

Exactly 👊✊🏽💪🏿🙏🏻

we all come here with a story to tell none of them are covered in glory or happiness its all about the difficult things from our past.its a big turn around and one for the better thanks for sharing.

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So well said my friend kenster1.

I think recovering_son needs a gentle hug from all of us😊here in our community.

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my past hasn't been that rosy I to got into a lot of trouble and living in a village its hard to shake off even after years of being on the right side of the law.the thing that changed me was the support from the police I received when my son was killed after that I saw things differently and have stayed out of trouble for twenty years.

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My friend kenster1,u r a wonderful person n help so many people here on hu.

I think alot of us, have had hard lives but...as i always say.."we were not built to break".

Its about what u do with ur life after n if u help another.

Sending u a giant hug my friend,glad to be ur friend.😊Thanks for sharing ur story.


That’s so deep am sorry for your loses & happy for your recovery ✊🏽

Absolutely 🙌

What an amazing thing you have done. Thank you for sharing your story of recovery.

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Thanks Ourz 👊💪🏿🙏🏻

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