New Me

It is a long time since I have posted anything. Well here goes. I have lost weight 2 1/2 stone and joined the gym. Going 3 times per week and loving every minute of it. Feeling so much better about myself. I have also reduced my medication (with my GP's agreement). It has been 2 weeks now and I am good. Work has been chaotic but I am not getting stressed out about it which is great. Previously this would have been a huge problem for me. Anyway onwards and upwards and I hope that this may be some encouragement to some of you that here is light at the end of the tunnel.

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  • Wow! That's really great, I don't know how you have managed it - the weight loss I mean. I can understand all the rest, as the exercise will really help with your mood. Well done. x

  • I have been eating more healthily, cut out the take-a-ways and fast foods. Cooking more. Eating more fruit and veg.

  • Oh my gosh, 2 and a half stone??!! Well done, you!! That is amazing! :).

    I currently am losing weight as well. It is a hard time to do it and I am feeling tired with the weather as it is. But not giving up :). It is so worth it when the scales declare you lost weight :). I'm looking to lose 1.5 stone in total.

    Keep it up, Hun the hardest part is over, and I am glad you are enjoying it. All the best xx

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