so what films ...........??? ( muse )

sitting here staring out of the window at the fireworks in the distance - ( they go on for weeks here ) - i was just musing ( as i frequently do on things ) - as to what films i like and what films make me sad

we all have them i suspect , films that we REALLY should not watch because they just make you more depresed - but DO because you like them

here is my list : CASPER (1) that bit at the end when his late wife appears as an angel - always gets me

GHOST - obviously

DESPICABLE ME 1 & 2 - makes me laugh ( i love minions ) and i can identify with GRU in soo many ways - the domineering parent who always demeaned efforts - the lad at school no one likes - and of course the romance with LUCY - she reminds me of the fun lady my wife was

WHITE NOISE : you may not have come across this one - its about a guy who contacts people on the other side using EVP or eltronic voice phenomina

and ones that cheer me up :

DOGMA :again another you may not have come across - its a wacky take on the whole religion thing ( not for everyone as its TOTALLY un PC - but bloody funny )

and basically ANY of the PIXAR animations - such as ICE AGE , RIO , etc and of course SHREK

so what films do you enjoy and which ones do you watch but REALLY should not ??

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  • Only film that comes into my head as my all time favourite is African Queen.

  • Hi muffie I must admit I am a disaster movie fan and love the old ones such as my fave film (I know I'm sad) - The Towering Inferno :) , Independence Day and The Poseidon Adventure. One of my favourites apart from Ghost is The Lord of the Rings Trilogy.

    I love all the Indiana Jones films as well. And the Star Trek ones (original series only) and all the Star Wars (original again) films.

    I don't know if anyone saw a film called 'The Donner Party' a true story of settlers back in the time when the west was being settled who were caught on the wrong side of the Sierra Leona mountains when the snows came. It's quite depressing but brilliant and I thoroughly recommend it. Probably shouldn't watch it :d

    Bev x

  • Just thought of 2 more - 'The Telephone Box' a silent movie (not that old) set in Spain about this company putting telephone boxes around the area and when someone tries to use them they are locked inside and taken away. It shows this guy in a Spanish square and everyone tries to rescue him from the mums knitting to a strong guy but eventually he is taken away on the back of a lorry to a mountain. The side opens and he finds himself in a huge room there and he looks round with a horried expression on his face and the camera angles out slowly and all you see is telephone boxes with people in various stage of decomposition and even the odd skeleten or 2 - lovely :d

    The second one was a Hungarian film (again silent) and I cannot remember what is is called but it is about these 3 women, one who works in a company and is equal with the men but asked to make coffee, also she is very attractive so keeps getting propositioned, a canteen worker who has to deal with flak from men all day and a housewife

    who never speaks coz no one ever listens to her. They meet by chance in a clothes shop where the fussy little male assistants starts berating one of them. All 3 without a word get hangers and beat him to death!

    In court no one can work out why they killed the man, even the female lawyer. Then it shows the lawyer being hassled by her hubby - wheres my tie, wheres my breakfast etc. Gradually she realises why they did it. It was incredible. All the woman were going omg and all the men were scratching their heads unable to work it out. It was a private showing at my Uni. We women all understood it :)

    Bev xx

  • OMG Bev,

    I saw that telephone box film as a kid and it completely freaked me out. For years I actually thought I'd imagined it! I never let the door close on the old style telephone boxes for years.

    Sarah xx

  • Ha ha Sarah I'm not surprised - neither did I and I was in my 30's when I saw it :) . It was horrifying wasn't it? It made such an impression on me I can remember every singe detail to this day. Bev x

  • Bev,

    I've never actually heard from anyone else who has seen it! Once I saw the name this morning I googled. Apparently it was shown in 1980 after the snooker final. The one when cliff thorburn had that 147 break. I would have been 9 years old and I bet that was when I watched it. It was truly horrifying, oh goodness the realisation and despair at the end. I got stuck in one of those automatic toilets in France when I was about 11 and screamed my head off. All I could think of was that film.

    Sarah xxx

  • My favourite films that i can think of : "Lost in translation". Bill Murray. " Rabbit proof fence" Australian film. " Monsoon wedding" Indian film . Anything by Woody Allen (though he can be a bit irritating! love Vicki Christina Barcelona; my absolute favourite; yes a lol comedy from Woody Allen.)

    Hmmm...there must be more .

    Secret confession ; Love "miss congeniality" sandra Bullock.

    Gemma x

    PS yes love all the Pixar movies too. All the good children's films; Ant's life, Bugs and all the one's you mentioned.

  • I love anything that is comic related. So anything fantasy based. Like X-men. Me and my other half are currently watching Arrow. I want to see the Flash spin off as well. I love the show Once upon a time. Anything fairy tale based is amazing - like Hansel & Gretel, a cinderella story, jack and the giant slayer.

    I usually find things I watched in childhood can comfort me. Latley I have been watching the odd episode of Pokemon. The original first series. It reminds me of the days it made me so excited to play the games. And it's like 20 minutes so it's a quick watch before bed.

    I can't think of anything I shouldn't watch. Maybe Pokemon is a bit sad and I wouldn't admit it to just anyone lol. But I don't care if it's weird because it makes me feel better to watch it.

    Scary movies are films I probably shouldn't watch. I don't mean ghost films. I mean films like last year's Prisoner and the Passion of the Christ. The latter made me feel so sick and shocked and I couldn't sleep for weeks. The scary thing is that it actually happened to people back then. It was basically two hours of someone being tortured. And I only saw the 15 rating! I could never watch it again. And in terms of Prisoner, it is shocking they could do that to someone who is basically a retard. He had the IQ of a child and didn't understand what was going on. And yet they tortured him. I just can't take watching these things. I felt physically sick the whole night afterwards.

    But anyway, each to their own. I really want to see Dogma. It sound sgood, bene meaning to see it for a while now. I haven't seen Despicable me, but would like to. I'm generally more of a Disney gal lol xx

  • i think the full film ( dogma ) is on you tube - yes it is

    - and the trailer for the new MINIONS movie is out too !! - YAY

  • I read your post with interest because I think it's a really nice idea to talk about the films we like and don't like, and why that is - but then realise I have not heard of any of the films you mentioned - what does that say about each of us!

    I very rarely go to the cinema - mainly because it is always far too LOUD for me - but there are SO many films I enjoy. I LOVE period dramas probably because they remind me of a time in my life when things were simple, when I lived in lovely surroundings and felt looked after, when I was a young child and had not yet realised how cruel people can be and how hard life is. I see people living in comfort and beautiful surroundings, who have their ups and downs but cope with them because they have enough money and also staff to look after them, and I guess that says something about what matters to me - money enables me to have choices and things that enable me to be comfortable - I really FEEL deeply for people who are depressed AND have little materially, that must be doubly hard. The films I like also say something about my liking to feel secure, to always have enough of everything I need and want, to have people who will look after me whether or not they care deeply, to know I will be safe.

    In contrast to those films I also love films about survival in the wilds of bleak but beautiful countryside like Northern Canada or Scandinavia. I like deep psychological dramas, films that examine what happens between people in a deep way, that make me FEEL about people. The films may be based upon stories of survival or romance in harsh lives or surroundings, may be quite violent, or soppy and romantic, so long as they are about what it is to be human. I like good detective stories provided they are about characters and look at the interaction between them as well.

    I've realised now that I haven't actually named ANY films! I buy secondhand all the films and TV drama series I enjoy and as a result have hundreds of dvds arranged in alphabetical order - but when I try to name I find it difficult. Perhaps it's strange but I don't really think about what they are called - I just live through the experiences they depict as if they are part of my life - whilst also knowing they are not :).

    I will try harder to name some - films based upon Jane Austen's books like Pride and Prejudice; Room with a View; Downton Abbey; Mr Selfridge; films based upon Catherine Cookson's stores; North and South (the one where the vicar and family move to grimy Sheffield not the series set in civil war). Wallander; The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and others in the series; an Indian film called The Lunchbox - really good but would cost £75 to buy on Amazon so I don't own it!); Casablanca (for nostalgic reasons); The Killing; Silk; The Onedin Line... I have realised that most of the 'films' I like are TV series rather than films on general release - probably because I seldom go to the cinema!