Look what the cat dragged in

Look what the cat dragged in

Photo was taken this morning when I got up - guess it was Sephie as she seems to bring just about everything in - have a plastic snake in the hall that she brought in from somewhere and the grip from a bicycle handlebar in the conservatory - though today's trick was ripping holes in bags - there is compost spread out in the conservatory that I'll have to sort out tomorrow and the bread took a bit of a beating this morning. Not sure what has gotten into her. Was a bit difficult to get him/her out of the house as they really didn't want to be held and when they started to move feline interest was aroused but did manage to get it out to the very small pond in the back garden from where it will need to fend for itself.

Have a cold - slightly sore throat, runny nose, cough and snotty for England ... but actually glad in a way as it's a long time since I had a cold that really seemed to actually express itself like a cold - particularly the runny nose - so feeling as if dosing up on the B12 is having an effect on my immune system. I can manage to walk rather than stagger and have even got the energy to do a few short 'sprints' on my runs ... even overtook another cyclist on the way in to work a few days ago and starting to find the gear ratio on the folding bike I use irritating again (hasn't been the case for a couple of years). Brain's a bit taxed by the cold but nothing like the fog that I used to get ... so a bit two fingers up to the GP who told me the lack of energy couldn't possibly be down to B12 and wanted to put me on anti-depressants. May be it is just a placebo effect but if it is then he shouldn't care either as my mood really is a lot better ... I've even managed long days in the office and I'm still up at 22.20 so energy is definitely a lot better. Only problem is that its a bit difficult to dose up on B12 nasally when I'm a snot factory so have had to resort to the tablets and hoping that there are enough parietal cells and intrinsic factor for enough of it to get absorbed in the ileum. Seems to be working though.

Hope that tomorrow is at least an okay day for everyone

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  • Ah Cats are amazing, Gambit she could have brought a mouse or dead bird in.

    Glad you got a hearing and are feeling better. Yes the site has been hard work

    For the last week or so. When posts are so long it's too much at times.

    Talk soon and take care.


  • GP didn't actually listen to me at all - which is why I have returned the favour and ignored him :)

  • We have the same thing yesterday only our baby frog was even tinier! It's that time of year, when baby birds fall out of the nests and baby frogs are easy pickings. We had a cat called Sephie too - Persephone - she was run over :(

    Glad the Vitamin B12 is helping. x

  • Sephie is short for Persephone - her brother is called Hades

  • How ever your feeling the cats seem to know and just want loving, I often get mice, birds and baby birds, they bought a frog in the bedroom all you could here was its screams, so I rescued it, but the other week they bought in a young rabbit, my goodness it must have been hard getting himself in the cat flap with this in its mouth. right on the door step. They eat a lot of them too, some just to play with then eat. yuck!! But leaving them for you , is like feeding you, showing you their love for you.