New photo

Hope you like my new photo. It is more up to date. Taken on holiday in the Cotswolds at Easter.

I would like to encourage people to use their photo for their profile.

We need to stand up and say it is alright to feel like we do. Mental health problems are nothing to be ashamed or embarrassed about. I respect peoples wishes and if they want to remain anonymous that is up to them.

It is good to see who we are talking to. Good to see Gemma and those others who have sent photos.

Thanks for everyones support. This is a really good forum and safe place to express our feelings to people who understand. I have to pretend everything is fine to other people who I see daily.

Lets see more faces.



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14 Replies

  • David it's a really nice photo. Have you lost weight? Anyway it's really nice and

    I will take a photo and let you all have a look. I agree it's nice to get a feel for

    Who you are talking to. Yes and it is a great Forum.


  • Thanks Hannah, yes I have lost weight since that last photo was taken. Its the gym and watching what I eat. Not dieting just moderation. X

  • I really like that photo. Pat yourself on back for making effort, as it's

    Not easy to do all that when your not feeling 100%.


  • Hey David, great photo! You look healthy like you are really enjoying the "great outdoors" there. My too I love the outdoors, love walking and so on. It all helps with the mood I find if you're well enough to do it. X

  • Thanks Gemma, Yes I love the outdoors. Only if it involves a cup of tea or coffee. I was waiting for a cuppa in Worcester here and my son grabbed my camera. Not a bad photo but Im squinting a bit though. X

  • Hey hey! Nice pic! I'm still building up to adding mine! I completely agree that it's nothing to be ashamed of, having depression, but unfortunately not everyone understands that x

  • Thanks Lucy, Hope you are alright. I understand that some people dont know what it means to have mental illness. I also realise if you work in a school where you are supposed to be strong and confident (even if it is an act) then parents dont want to see you on a mental health website. X

  • Ha ha, that could be an interesting convo at parents' evening!

  • Yes, like the new picky David, almost lean and mean!

  • Only almost lean and mean! Lol

  • Hi David I would put my photo on but don't know how to do it. If someone can give me instructions for a windows 8 please I will have a go. x

  • Hi Cough...I'm using windows 8's quite a computer culture shock isn't it!

    Click on your username at the top of the page, and then select 'profile'. The first option will say 'picture', then you select 'edit' on the right hand side, choose your file, then you can crop the image to the part you'd like to display :)

  • Hi Cough. I am so used to a Mac. Have you got a photo saved as a file? Get a photo and save it to a file .i.e Photo. Then when you edit your profile , click on Photo Space

    And it should ask you to pick Photo. Then click on your Photo File and that should do it.

    Otherwise Copy your Photo and Paste it into the Space. I'm probably not the best

    To explain as I am used to Mac. Ah I wish you lived near me. Ok my friend, talk

    Soon and I hope this finds you well.

    Hannah x

  • Haha....funny that I read this thread as soon as I had changed my profile pic to a photo of one of my guinea pigs!

    Everyone say hello to Daisy ;-) She's my little angel. She's so calm and serene and as you can see she relaxes brilliantly on my lap, so if I need comfort I can just settle her in and stroke her for as long as I need....unlike her sister who will spray me with pee if I hold her for more than 5 minutes! Hope that gave you all a good laugh and cheer up ;-)