Okay Friday

Okay Friday

Haven't done an okay friday for a while - somewhere to leave the negative and share the positive.

Negative side - all so grey at the moment - mind you I find February the most tiring month of the year and that's okay because it does have an end. Not happy at work but I know I'll work it out ... and I am not my work any more than I am my thoughts ... and it does keep the cats in food.

So, good thing is that one of my amaryllis is about to come out and I've been managing to do a bit of creative writing on a reasonably regular basis recently ... and I am so much more my writing than I am my work.

Hope that weeks were okay and if not hope that you manage to leave enough of the non-okay here to be able to have an okay weekend - though know some of you struggle with weekends and that's okay as well.

PS the cat is the brother of my two - lives two doors down and visits regularly.


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11 Replies

  • Negative: Was feeling very bleak yesterday

    Positive: Looking forward to going to my voluntary work today.

  • Hope your day at voluntary work is a nice day :) well done for going ...it does help to have something to focus on :) xxx

  • Gemma it's encouraging in one way that no two days are the same.

  • Hello

    Thank you for sharing. Feeling emotional and reading posts and seeing lovely pictures helps.

    I hope your weekend is a peaceful one :) xx

  • I didn't really put anything positive...it's so hard to think of anything right now, but looking forward to a visit from my daughter tomorrow :) xx

  • You don't have to have put something positive - and it's okay on those occasions when people can't find anything positive - just where you are at that time and the idea is that whilst it is horrible you aren't a monster or inadequate just because you can't find something positive at that point in time. Hope the visit from your daughter goes well - sure it will

  • Hi Adorable I know we can't have a positive day every day.

    Enjoy your visit from your Daughter and think of your nice

    Place to live. Treat yourself to a little bunch of flowers for your


    Xx Hannah

  • Hi Gambit he is a lovely cat. I too cannot wait for Spring and Summer.

    Enjoy your weekend.


  • well- got through an eventful week at work, which rather helped make the ofsted visit seem no more than a minor irritation. Time now to get my house looking less like a tip so I don't spend the half-term doing housework. All the best to everyone for the weekend.

  • Hope house is now sorted and looking more ship shape ... though really I guess you would want it to look more house shaped.

  • Lol x