Why do I feel this way?

Hi, I'm 16 years old and recently I've found myself more sad than I have ever been. There hasn't been a specific event to trigger these emotions which is why I am confused as to why I feel the way I do. I find myself tearing up everyday now for no reason. Today in school I was uncontrollably crying to one of my teachers, which is completely unlike me, I hardly cry in front of my parents. Whenever my mum asks what is wrong with me I don't know how to reply, as there is nothing which then makes her think I am lying and keeping things from her. I just want someone to talk to and help me figure out what is wrong with me.

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  • I'd talk to my doctor, therapist... friends and parents if that feels right...

  • I would go to the GP and see if they can arrange some counselling or maybe you have a counsellor at school. Find someone to talk it through but you may need a bit of professional help just at the moment. All the best, Julie xx

  • Thank you for the advice xx

  • I really agree with this suggestion. Suex

  • Hi. I still get periods of overwhelming sadness and don't know where they come from. These were not triggered by any single event but lots of different pressures; work, family life, moving house, demands of being a parent.

    It's been a long time since I was a teenager but i remember the stresses of exams, pressures of family to do well at times, difficulties with girlfriends or trying to find one!

    There does not need to be any trigger for your sadness but it is real and is affecting your relationships. There is nothing wrong with you, many of us here have difficulties handling emotions, I label mine as depression, but I am getting better at handling it and know it is an illness and not something wrong with me.

    I think everyone has times of being overwhelmed by emotions, everyone has something they struggle with, but we are all good at keeping them hidden when it is best to talk about them.

    If you can, let your Mum know what is happening to you, your sadness, tears and need for someone to talk to.

    I found I could not talk to my wife, so wrote a note saying much what you wrote above and asking for patience and her usual support. i handed her the note and asked her to read it. After a hug, we both could talk more easily.

    You may not need this to talk to your Mum but if you can express to her what you have shared with us it will help her understand. She can then support you if you want to talk to your doctor or perhaps just be there for you if you just want to express how tough things are for you at the moment.

    Expressing you thoughts here may help and, like the others above, would encourage you to talk through your feelings with someone you trust. It may be tough at first but I expect as a teenager you have to live with tough situations from week to week.

    Take care


  • Hi, I was also really sad as a teenager but bottled up my emotions which hasn't helped me in my adult life and still find it hard to tell my family and friends how I feel. I would definately recommend that you find someone to talk to, if you are unable to tell your mum is there a counsellor or teacher at school, or alternatively you could go to see your doctor who should refer you for counselling. I wish I had done that at your age x

  • Honey it couldbe your hormones, which are raising round, and maybe you have become a little depressed, its important you talk to your gp about this, or someone like a counsellor, it couldbe that your suffering from a form of depression which teens get.

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