dont know what to usual

Hi, I read someones post about going back to work, and I am feeling exactly the same, I have been in hospital for half of the school hols, and am not afraid to go outside again, and havent managed to collect my medication for nearly a week now (I get it weekly), so thats making me feel worse. And the thought of going back to work tomorrow is terrifying me, we have moved schools and I have to unpack the entire science lab, and be ready to teach again on monday, I feel very faint and cant stop shaking, I have not managed to concentrate to do any planning for work, and now im worrying about that too, as I if Im not prepared, I dont know how I will teach, I have to just sit in my house with my curtains shut all day, and try to stay in my bed, and I have been cutting my arms again recently, which I wanted to stop as I dont want school kids seeing it, my house is disgusting, I have not eaten for weeks (I have ensure milkshakes), I have no energy or appetite,



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  • Hey there! It's hard going back to work, but incredibly so when you're responsible for 30 little people who all need and expect a teacher in tip top shape! I have suffered with depression for several years now but luckily I find my time in the classroom to be my escape. I find the children to be such a natural tonic. If you're anything like me, the six week break is the only thing that keeps me going fom Christmas onwards, so to spend half of it in hospital would be awful. I'm glad you're out now though, and presumably on the mend? Would you be able to ring the chemist and ask them to deliver your prescription, or does that only happen in Wales? You've got a day tomorrow without the kids and sometimes that's enough to break yourself back in, catch up with colleagues and get one step ahead of their arrival on Monday. Don't worry too much about your ability to teach, it'll come. Let the kids settle back in and get them to help you unpack the science lab! I'll be thinking of you and please post again tomorrow so we know how you got on xx

  • Hello Emma, oh dear it sounds like you are going through a truly difficult time at the moment. My first thought was to talk to a GP and they may sign you off work -certainly it seems like it would be a harsh one that expected you to be able to go to your job right now. Do you think you would feel able to go to the Docs if you had someone to take you maybe? Or you could call your practice and try to get them to see you at home?

    Do you have access to a CPN you could talk to for some help? If not maybe Doctors could get you that as well.

    Everything seems so very overwhelming when you're at your lowest, completely understand not having any appetite or feeling able to do anything. Could you maybe make yourself something small to eat each day, as small as toast even? Small steps can still be very helpful, and easier to take. Do you have anyone who understands your situation who can come round and do anything for you?

    Take care of yourself, would be good to hear how you are doing.

  • Hi

    It does all sound overwhelming for you at the moment. Do you have any support as it sounds as though that might help take some of the pressure off. Starting a new term is daunting enough without feeling stressed before you start. If you are struggling to outside and without meds and thinking of self-harming and can't stop shaking and have no energy or appetite it does sound as though you need some help before you are well enough to go back to work - presumably you are also still recovering from the op which will have taken it out of you. See your GP for an immediate appointment tomorrow and take some time off before you go back - I know that seems impossible, I used to teach too, but the reality is that if you are unwell you need time to recover otherwise you are likely to find you need time off later anyway but that it will take you longer to recover. Teaching's impossibly demanding at the best of times but when you are below par which you definitely are it is likely to feel impossible. I think your GP would agree so do talk to him.


  • I didn't know you were a teacher, Sue! What age group? X

  • I didn't know you were a teacher, Sue! What age group? X

  • Hi Lucy, yes I taught in FE colleges for about 8 years, from kids excluded from school up to and including degree level - I taught Psychology, Health and Social Care but also got roped into teaching Sociology and study skills.

    How are things for you now?


  • What a brilliant job! I did A level sociology and really enjoyed that.

    Things are alright here at the moment. Seeing counsellor at two, so will update on that later! X

  • As above - please speak to GP.

    I tried working from home earlier this year after being housebound because I'd a bad fracture to the ankle and was non-weight bearing for 6 weeks - ended up totally exhausted and it took me much longer to get back properly when I was weight bearing again ... in the long term making sure you are really on top of everything before you go back is in everyone's best interests.

  • Hi Emms

    I am just wondering how you are coping?


  • Hi Emms

    I am just wondering how you are coping?


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