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I don't know what to do


was doing good for about a week, and then I don't know what happened, last night I just cried I couldn't stop crying, had a panic attack too. Every time I feel like I'm getting closer to self-healing I fall back down again.

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my sister is dealing with exactly the same issues! I always wish I could help her, she thinks it's just the trauma that she's going through since becoming more "aware" of her unconscious issues. she doesn't get panic attacks quickly but "triggered" when darkness falls upon the night. What is for you the hardest thing when you get these "moments"?

Vivian242003 in reply to Sugold

Definitely taking care of myself, its embarrassing but sometimes I don't take showers for a few days or even when I go out I don't bother to get dressed up or put some makeup on. Before I used to do my hair, nails, makeup plan an outfit I was really taking care of myself and even my room. Theres also school, I get behind work or just don't put in enough effort which affects my potential. I also often start to question everything like what's the point of life and then I isolate myself and then there's eating habits that are not healthy at all. Baiscally It's just self damaging behaviors that start to show up. We always have to look at our friends and family of these types of behaviors cause it can be obvious when someone is starting to fall (back) down, they start not acting like themselves.

Do you have any hobbies or diversions to help with your mood, It is important you can distract yourself and your moods to a better place. Sometimes if you are depressed or Anxious you can try Breathing Techniques or even even mindfulness to help you relax. Do you know the reasons for your problems, knowing what is causing your stress or low mood can help you address your problems


Heyy, i do have hobbies but sometimes those don't help when I'm really really sad, I just cry and what for it to be over I guess. And yeah my therapist has talked to me about mindfulness and breathing, it helps sometimes but its still hard to get a grasp on it, trying though. And yeah I'm pretty sure I know my triggers its a lot of things. I bottle up my emotions sometimes and I'm not good with accessing them. Like I think I'm happy but really I'm masking my sadness or stress, cause I'm pushing away those emotions so much. Which is really bad and I'm trying to stop doing that. And also I seek for human affection, so my best friend hasn't had a proper conversation with me since Friday, and it feels like she's ignoring me because she's posting on social media and not even replying to my messages. And I don't have a lot of close friends so like yeah. And then there my ex who I really really really miss and stuff is really complicated between us, he's in another country right now so yeah. It just sucks and then school and stress and my dyslexia that's been getting worse and affecting my school work and performance. Just a lot of stuff that I'm not really facing head on cause I'm sick of the repetitive patterns and just sick of life

Hi Vivian,Don't be so hard on yourself, we all are going through our emotional stuff and the way the world is right now not helping either. God has been right with me through the bad times, and trust Him totally and he kept me safe through all this time. I live alone most of the time and on those dark times God got me through them and He can comfort you as well. So you have my Total Support. Take life one day at a time. God Bless Janet Silentrider

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