Apathetic and lazy

The last couple of days I've found it hard to summon up energy to do anything. I have so much to do at home, but I just can't get down to it. I found one of my young rats dead yesterday - I suspect a dispute within the cage. My oldest girl was also being bullied. I love my rats, but it's so hard when things like this happen.

I have church today - going in early as I'm on IT. Unusually, I feel apathetic about that, too.


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4 Replies

  • Thinking of you missrat.

    Sorry to hear about how your feeling, hope things improve soon.


  • I think this changing weather has a lot to do with changing levels of energy. I've been sleeping at strange times, then wide awake when I should be sleeping etc! All very frustrating! really sorry to hear about the rat. Hoping church has helped to make you feel a bit better? X

  • Hi, sorry, it sounds as if you are having a hard time at the moment. The weather hasn't helped being clammy but now changeable, at least it is a bit fresher now. Hope you feel better soon.


  • I do struggle with the weather - at least it's cooler today.

    Church proved 'interesting' as I was trying to do the CD recording (untaught) as well as doing the IT! I had a couple of IT hiccups this afternoon - the first nobody would have known about as fortunately, I was able to do a work-around, but wish I knew why Powerpoint wouldn't act as it should. The second I left the congregation without some song words because I was fiddling with the other machine - but it was well-known!

    The rats are behaving well today, but I feel so sad about Ash - she was a lovely young rat, and it is only a week ago today that my real baby, Downy, was found dead. I think the heat has upset them. They were bullying my old girl, so I've separated her with just one other girl and they seem happy.

    I see my GP tomorrow. I'll probably have to have weekly blood tests for some time because of my medication for polymyalgia rheumatica - annoying. I should get my next appointment for the psychiatrist through for a couple of weeks - I'm hoping it's not when I'm away - I might ring them tomorrow to say when I'm here, as I have two lots of four days away - one is a "Be Creative" retreat and the other is "Digital Imaging". I must see what I need printed for the competitions - not motivated with any new ideas. I really need to do a 12-slide slideshow as well - probably on the months of the year. I do know that photos of my pets are not appreciated!

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