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Treat your insomnia🌃


If you are struggling with insomnia, I recommend an informational video such as this one.

I wish I did more research a long time ago! I realized that insomnia (for me anyway) was 100% preventable. I learned that I was my enemy when it came to my bad sleep habbits. Recently I have been working hard to treat my anxiety. I got prescribed a daily medication, check in with my counselor and seek my support systems. A game changer for me was waking up early for work the same time everyday (5:45/6am) and setting an alarm for my days off to not sleep in too late. So my body gets tired by 9:30-midnight latest, depending on my schedule that day. I also stop all stressful tasks by 8:30 pm so I have time to relax my mind before bed. I reached out for support on here and knowing I wasnt alone comforted me. Many have reccomended Magnesium which I started taking a week ago. That is probably helping as well along with healthier eating habbits.

Insomnia was causing me to feel terribble both mentally and physically. I know some nights I may still have issues due to life stressors, but at least I can stop thinking the only answer is sleep medication or that this is permanant. I am feeling such relief! Just a week ago I was waking up every other night anxious or restless. The struggle was real! Part of my healing process was to teach myself how to take better care of myself.🌻 If I can do it, you can too.

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I did manage to get some magnesium i haven't tried it yet. I did find a low dose of melatonin and work great to getting to sleep but now im up again. Ive been trying to eat healthier more veggies less snacking and junk food. Trying to lose weight also.

Sunshine425 in reply to Hidden

I felt like melatonin worked at first. But then my anxious mind would keep me up again or Id wake up anxious in middle of night. One day at a time. You are not alone. I also saw a video where we dont nessessarily need a full 8-9hrs. Everyone is different and we all need different diets and things. The same goes for sleep. Some need as little as 5 1/2. All I can say is when your young you can survive a couple nights of restlessness. That mindset has also helped me. I usually panick worse on work nights knowing I have to be up. Im glad you are able to make efforts to help yourself. That is something to be proud of! Best of luck!

Awesome post friend. I know all about this topic and I have 10 things to do to get a more restful night's sleep.....Let me know if you're interested in that last...

Sunshine425 in reply to JEG325

Have you posted it before? Maybe you can link it. Or post on here. Either way I think it could be beneficial to myself and everyone seeking insomnia support.

JEG325 in reply to Sunshine425

I am gonna post it here. Also in Sleep matters too!

Hi Dreamer720, the pharmacist in the video has given a lot of good advice regarding treating insomnia and this should help our members who experience this.

Thank you and best wishes.

Great post! One of my main issues is my job does not allow for consistent sleep/awake times. It always fluctuates!!!

Sunshine425 in reply to Pearl67

That is so tough. I have friends who have crazy schedules and it causes them to fall into depression... it is such an adjustment to work night shifts or increase hours. I hope you are doing well!

Thank you!

Sunshine425 in reply to Pearl67

I am currently under the weather and needed to get a lot of extra sleep last night but couldnt. I got 5 hours which isnt terrible but Im such a light sleeper that a sound of a pin drop wakes me.... then I wont fall back asleep. Im assuming you can relate?

Pearl67 in reply to Sunshine425

I am so sorry!!! I had the crud for a month. Finally went in. Steroids and antibiotics. The steroids had me orbiting the moon😳

Sometimes I fall asleep hard and BAM! Wide awake two hours later. I average 4 hours oct/nov because of work and it is a bummer! Lots of tossing and turning. My fitbit says I am restless on average 37 times a night!

Sunshine425 in reply to Pearl67

Wow!!! Yeah im trying so hard to get to sleep naturally. & Its crazy how good I feel about myself when I get a healthy, good nights sleep! But thats how my life is now... in healing journey.. Every accomplishment matters! 😁

I dont even want to know what my restlessness numbers are😟 I feel like that would make it worse to see how bad it would be.

Healing Journey👊🏻 I am trying too! Night and day difference in my anxiety/depression when I really sleep!! And (tmi) when my digestion is ya know, moving. It is like, “what anxiety?” I really believe the next 5-10 mental health will be treated very differently because they will have figured a few more things out! The Brain is the final frontier my Dr friend says!

Side note!!! Magnesium Threonate has helped! My schedule oftentimes sabotages all the good efforts I put forth. But today, life is good! I slept well❤️ Thank you, God!

Pearl! Thats awesome! Glad to know I am not alone!

Btw 👊 was that a fist bump or did I say something that ya wanted to punch me?! LOL

Totally fist PUMP for naming all of “this” as a healing journey!!! Man, there are rough patches, but there is also growth-hopefully🙌🏻❤️

Sunshine425 in reply to Pearl67

No matter what we are battling....its a healing journey💚😉 were all here for the same reason. Added support!

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