still struggling with the website

I'm still finding this website disappointing now. Although sometimes I find responses from people I know, often they are spread around people's posts (blogs has a much nicer ring to it, more informal and chatty, less like a military operation or anonymous function). Does anyone else still find it frustrating? I find I'm here for a couple of minutes and then leave because it irritates me so much.

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  • Yeh same here! I joined a few communities but only really use this one. However when I log in I'm bombarded by notifications from all of them. I can't find an option to leave one without deregistering. Plus I am missing the notifications of a reply. It's pants!

  • Struggling a lot with this site right now....x

  • Well, now I have logged in, YET AGAIN, I can reply to you. I find the lack of email notifications a pain and your replies are all over the place. very Frustrating especially if you have anxiety already!!!! This site sure don't help.

  • Yeah I am still struggling with the changes. I get so annoyed by it as well. But hopefully the glitches will be resolved and we won't remember it any differently (hope).

    Bev x

  • I don't stay on long either as it irritates me....

  • Thanks all for responding, and yes, it is irritating isn't it. I find all sorts of things about it frustrating and as far as I can see the only better thing is that replies and blogs download more quickly. Other than that it's a pain of a site.


  • hope your ok x

  • I am finding it hard to work out too. Its taken me a while to find blogs & questions. I hope it gets sorted because I have missed the forum & the people I've come to know.

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