trying so hard to overcome this dark cloud

i think i need professional help but so frightened to make the first step feel like ive failed tried doing it by my self but slowly loosing the battle finding it hard to talk about my feelings even with my family sitting in my bedroom all day not eating as i feel so sick shaking inside it is like a big thick mass of darkness covering me

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  • Hi

    I'm sorry you are feeling in such a dark place.

    Yes you do need professional help but that does not necessarily mean you are terribly ill, just that you are struggling to cope with difficult feelings and that anxiety about needing help is making you drop even lower.

    Take courage and phone the local primary mental health care team - you can find them on google and in most areas you can refer yourself without even needing to see your GP. You just phone and say you are feeling bad and need to talk to the emergency worker so that someone will know you need help. Just talking for a few minutes may reduce your anxiety but even if it doesn't they are likely to offer you an assessment appointment. Then you will need support to cope with your anxiety whilst waiting until the appointment and we can all help support you during that time.

    Do phone, it only takes a moment and once you've done it then you can come back here and share your anxiety. Don't suffer on your own, if you are unable to talk with your family then you need someone else to talk with.


  • What has happened to make you feel like this,i am going through the same thing at the moment due to splitting with my partner,i know how you are feeling if you want to talk im here to help,i myself have received alot of help from this site im here if you need me x

  • thankyou for your kind words i will try and pluck up the courage to phone them i will let you know what happens i lost my mum about 12 years ago then five years ago lost my brother in law in a lorry crash which was a huge blow to the family. at the time he died .my daughter was pregant with my grand daughter who came only two weeks early but she had a stroke before she was born we nearly lost her she has been diagnosed with mild cerabal palsy she also has tremors in her hands my daughter put her into mainstream school .she is five now but the school has not got the resources to cope with her so she has to go into a special school in top it all off the dad has not bothered with her but has a new girlfriend and baby. xxxxx

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