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Maybe you can help


I've been having blood discharge bright red for the past 7 weeks. I consulted and was told that it wasn't hemoroids and currently waiting for a colonoscopy.

I realized that I only see blood with or without stools ONLY when I pass gas.

If I have a stool with no gas there will be no blood.

I am bloated as well.

Anyone experiencing something similar and have a diagnose?

Thank you

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Could be a number of things, so to avoid scaremongering, go back to the doc.

I had similar symptoms years ago, thought it was one thing, diagnosed with another. It sounds more complex than piles.


Well I haven't been diagnosed yet. Still waiting for the colonoscopy.

Thank you for your reply :)


hi there only two weeks ago i was taken in to hospital with a blockage in my lower abdomen and when i went to toilet my stools had blood coming from there plus gas and though a gas line had leaked. see if you can have a CT scan just to check you Abdomen and bladder. hope this help take care speak to you soon Alan


Hi Alan,

Obviously our health system is extremely slow here. I should go back and see my Dr

To see if he can possibly speed things at the hospital.

Hoping it's only a tear and nothing more serious.

Thank you for your reply and good luck with your issue


hi there your most welcome, anytime you need to speak to i'm here even if its just a shoulder to lean on or just to let of steam, i'll be here anytime, hope what's wrong gets put right ASAP for you take care hopefully speak to you again, where do you live if you don't mind me asking take care your friend Alan xx


Hello again 😃

Thank you for the support, it is greatly appreciated.

I live in Montreal, Canada


hi there wow i bet that a beautiful place that you live in, and your very welcome to any help and support that i can help you with, i'm from Worksop, Nottinghamshire. England. wow it nice to have a friend like you from another country. take care speak to you again i hope your friend Alan xx


Nice to meet you Alain from England!

I've always wanted to visit, maybe one day


hi there like you i've always wanted to visit canada , i've seen picture but that is it for me. thank you for your reply may i have your first name please many thanks speak to you soon Alan xx


Hi, I have recently been having blood in my stool,waiting to see my consultant in two weeks! I have been told I have IBS but havent had all the tests! Do you mind me asking what other symptoms do you have? Lx


red blood in stools and seem to also have some heartburn's as well that i recently started medication


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