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Worrying or not?


Sorry for graphic pic but should I be worried??

I started a three week course of steroids etc but have now had reduced blood loss but a lot more mucus like stools. (See pic) should I be worried or less worried as it no longer has blood in stools? Also when having a poo anyone else feel like they are giving birth??

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Have I been diagnosed with anything yet ?

Yes they said it’s a form of colitis called proctitis. Meds made it better for a while now back to this.

Nina1983 in reply to Kirstyb88

I have UC . And this was what mine looked like before starting medication .probably not as much . I'm still on my steriod treatment, so waiting to see how things go after.. yes I also used to go to toilet like I was giving birth ..I think its something like tenesumus.. as sometimes I would have this bearing down feeling but nothing to come out .I'd keep an eye on the mucus side of it. Obviously part of the colitis but perhaps look into some probotics to give your colon some good bacteria

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