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Constipation? Inflamed Colon?

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Hi There,

This is my first time posting. I'm hoping to gather some feedback from anyone that might have been in a similar position.

I went to see my doctor in early November. I was having abdominal pain to the right side.

Shortly after these pains began I noticed I had a feeling that I needed to pass stool but was unable to. When I did pass, I passed narrow, loose stool. I also have a feeling of indigestion and something is travelling up my throat. My doctor advised that this was a stomach virus and would pass. (My doctor did do blood tests and sent me for an upper abdomen ultrasound to rule out gallstones. Both US and blood test came back OK)

After two weeks the symptoms did not improve. I noticed some blood in my stool - this prompted another visit to the clinic. The doctor did a rectal exam (which was fine) but noted my colon felt tender. I was given Movicol to take twice a day.

I visited my doctor again early December for a follow up - again, my doctor stated my colon felt a bit swollen. There has been no improvement. The pain to the right side of my abdomen is persistent. The stools feel narrow and loose and at times I still feel as though there is more to pass.

I have spoken to a second GP. This GP has said it warrants investigation but I need a referral letter from my GP. Although it warrants investigation, I am not showing any other red flags.

Does anyone on here have experience with Movicol? I would understand my first couple of stools being looser but by now Should my stools be Fuller? Is this likely a bad build up of constipation?

My concern is that it has been going on for 9 weeks Approx. Is that normal for constipation?

At this point, I am anxious about the whole thing.

Has anyone here gone through similar?

Many Thanks

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Hello there. I have had IBS (diarrhea) since 2004 so I am afraid I do not have any advice for you (other than please drink plenty of water) on constipation.

If I were you I would ask for a colonoscopy and more blood work. That might help in terms of diagnosing/finding out what is going on. It will also help in the "build up constipation" section...since you have to drink stuff that will clean your whole colon ;)

Good luck and I really hope its all gets sorted out soon.

Hi there, many thanks for your reply.

My doctor has stated that a colonoscopy is not necessary as any red flags would have shown up in my blood tests.

Im going to give it another few weeks and if it has not resolved itself I will push for a colonoscopy! Many thanks again

I would advice a change in diet. Stay away from hard meats such as red meat. A little bit of chicken and fish are fine. Go sodium free if you can handle it. Stay away from vinegar, lemon, citric juices, spicy foods. Treat your colon as if it had a burn. You have swelling in the colon right now. Yes a colonoscopy is needed. I once used prednisone and it cured me for several weeks. I told the doctors about this and now they won't give me Prednisone anymore. Its strange.

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Hi There, thanks for the reply. I will take your advice on board. My doctor has said a colonoscopy is unnecessary as any irregularities would have shown up in my bloods. He has said that the likely hood of it being anything serious is unlikely. He has recently given me some medication to help with the reflux and has said to remain on movicol for the time being. The pain in my side is still there but I don't want to go for a colonoscopy if I'm wasting the consultants time. My doctor believes anxiety is driving this.

That is strange. Have they said why they won't give you the medication anymore?

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I'm so happy you can skip the colonoscopy. You must be very young for a doctor to tell you that. Probably younger than 25. When I went to my doctor only one word came out of his mouth: colonoscopy. I asked him more questions and he reiterated that I needed a colonoscopy. He refused to answer any questions that I had. I have the same symptoms as your, even pain on right side, but no blood. I do know something that really helps but no doctor will prescribe: Prednisone. When I was prescribed Prednisone for something unrelated (jaw joint pain), I did recover from the jaw pain, but I had 2 unexpected benefits. The biggest one being my intestines almost completely recovered. I was essentially cured. So I went out and ate a bunch of Mexican fajitas that I hadn't enjoyed in years, ate spicy, and just ate anything I wanted. This abuse caused my problem to come back. The other benefit I had with Prednisone was in my neck. I could't look up without feeling a small pain. It was like my neck was locked. After the Prednisone, my neck unlocked permanently. I could live with a little pain in the neck, and I almost never look up anyway. But I wish my digestion was normal. Here's a tip for you: when you finally recover, take extra care of your diet for about a year. There after, be careful, and don't overdo harsh foods. I think you are prone to this so you'll have to be careful for the rest of your life. Believe me, there is a point of no return, and you are not there yet. But abuse your intestines with fajitas, burgers, grilled shrimp, vinegar, spicy cuisine, and you will join the infamous "Ulcerative Colitis Social Club". Please take my advise, and God help you thru your recovery.

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I have been so relieved to see your letter about your colitis. Last April I was rushed into hospital with inflammation of the colon, I was put on just water for a week and recovered. Unfortunately it happened again and they found that I had contracted C/Dif . It has taken me almost a year to recover but am still having problems with my bowel. They were unable to give me a colonoscopy as they found diverticulitis . I am waiting to get a CT scan done. The biggest problem is to get help with diet. The mornings are the worst I wake feeling sick and cramp, it takes two or three trips to the loo passing loose stools and then what feels like constipation to pass more. I am trying to work out what or what not to eat as am feeling so rotten. I have lost . 1.1/2 stone and desperately want to get well again. Your advice will help me I hope as life is pretty grim at the moment as I am also in so much pain with RA . Thankyou all so much on this sight I do not know what I would do without you all.

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