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Hello, I'm a 27 year old male who has been suffering with abdominal issues since the age of three. As the years went on it was noted by my pediatrician that I was suffering with stomach migraines (at the time) and was put on some type of migraleve. I do not know wether or not this drug was effective for me. As I enterned my early teens and was a round the age of fourteen, I was suffering with bouts of diarrhoea and pain in the pelvic region I was told by my Gp she believed I had IBS so she prescribed me with buscopan. As the years went on I was able to manage these symptoms and go about my day to day life. Going to school, meeting friends etc but I would have the bad days but those types of days were very, very rare to happen. As I reached the age of eighteen that's when my life had turned upside down..

I came home from my sisters engagement party and I went to bed as soon as I arrived home. In the early hours of the morning, I had the most violent stomach ache in my entire life and the most violent diarrhoea and as the year progressed these episodes of violent diarrhoea would continue. As anyone with chronic abdominal disease would know, having non-stop diarrhoea is bound to take it's toll emotionally and physically and I lost a serious amount of weight. I was nine stone.

I had a gastroscopy that showed I had inflammation in the esophagus and stomach and as well as the duodenum. I was put on antiacids to treat this but it doesn't help relieve the inflammation straight away.. as the years went on the stomach pain got worse as well as the diarrhoea and it was time for me to have a (2012) sigmoidoscopy. This operation showed no inflammation in the sigmoid part of the bowel, so I was referred back to my Gp and as the year went on (I'd say summer time) I remember having very dark and tarry diarrhoea. So I went to my Gp and he believed it was caused by my stomach and he referred me back to my gastroenterologist. The gastric-doctor had me do another gastroscopy that showed the same findings, the inflammation of the stomach and throat. But something new was discovered. Multiple peptic ulcers! So when I returned to the gastro-doctor he put me on PPI (Proton Pump Inhibitors) I saw a Chronic pain management specialist that told me my nerves have become somewhat sensitive because of my stomach problems, so now I find pain generally difficult and I should not, especially a man of my age! I was then put on Codeine paracetamol effervescent tablets by my Gp to help me manage the pain. The relief effectively lasted for a short period so my Gp prescribed me Tramadol and a nerve relaxers. I've tried all the conventional medicine that a "IBS" patient has to take and none of them have worked, at all.

I'll cut to the chase; I'm still suffering with the gastric pain and the pelvic pain (As the years have gone on) this constant pain is starting to take it's toll on my emotional state. I can't live a normal life like a young man should. I have to stay home because I'm too afraid to leave my house because of the pain and diarrhoea. The medicine I take has no response. I had to cancel a colonoscopy because the Move prep they gave me made me violently ill.

I'm at my wits end. Does anyone think I may have some type of IBD? My doctors seem to think most of this is contributed by my mental state because I suffer with Aspergers Syndrome.

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It's hard to say, but it doesn't sound as if they've explored all the options. That said, as you yourself have said, you couldn't go through with all the options to help diagnosis. It does seem to be taking a long time to fully diagnose though.


I can't tolerate Moviprep and was given Picolax the last time I had a colonoscopy. Ask the hospital whether this option is available so that you can have your colonoscopy.

I do hope they can help you after all this time and wish you good luck.


I have been treated fro crohns for over 20 years and had the usual courses of asacol (mesalazine) every day and bouts of steroids when really ill. I have refused several operations even when advised of a possible blockage, I have had strong steriods which I think has caused Primary billiary congalitous (liver problem but currently my liver bloods are normal) and last August after all these years got a new Gastro doc as mine retired., who did a ceoliac test and I was advised I was borderline positive for ceoliac. I have since stopped all gluten and amazed that I have improved so much. Occasionally I get a bad belly but this is just when I haven't checked thoroughly the ingredients and manage to eat some gluten.

I am happy to say that I am currently on no medication and turning into a food nazi. The change in 6 months on is amazing. I used to stay home just in case i was ill my kids grew up knowing that mum might not be able to go far. I now eat a lot of raw foods e.g. fruit, nuts and fresh veg. I still love a steak with onions and mushrooms all that is missing is the battered onion rings.

Why don't you give it a try or ask your doctor to have the test (sadly this is a biopsy from your small bowel with the assistance of the gastroscope). Going gluten free has given me my life back and this is from someone who was borderline ceoliac.

Best of luck and keep positive. I still miss greggs sausage rolls and a good bacon bun. the gluten free bread is the worst but to keep well I am prepared to continue with gluten free.

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Hi, you've been through such a lot and I think you've had some pretty shocking medical treatment over the years. I'm not saying to stop seeing you're medical team but why don't you try a homeopath and if possible one that practices kinesiology. You have nothing to loose and your quality of life is being affected by your ilness. They are often very helpful and successful with there could help.


I am sorry to read that you are staying home due to this horrible situation but totally understand as my own son is the same.

He was diagnosed at 21 with ulcerative colitis and later crohns too.

His consultant said no dietary changes were needed but as I had a background in Nutrition we tried gluten free then dairy free too.

He still has flares but nowhere near as bad or as many.

He is 38 now and I feel so sad for him that he has no special person in his life.

Medication wise he is on Azothyaprin with Prednisone if he has a really bad flare.

He has been on various other meds through the years but says the single biggest help has been the gluten and dairy free.

We did do an exclusion diet way back, it is something you really need to do under the supervision of a dietitian.

Hope things improve for you, it is no life for a young man ( or anyone )


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