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Just come back from week 5 run 2; with Laura (not Robert who I have discovered narrates another programme but is American...nice music though)

I am so worried about run 3 that I pushed myself to do the 8 mins, then only a 3 min walk, then a 15 min jog. I am hoping this will make Fridays 20 mins feel less daunting.

I am away next week so will be taking yet another week off but to be honest I can see myself doing the w5r3 a number of times before I crack it. It's the hills that kill me (& they are mostly long inclined rather than killer hills).

Anyway, despite my struggling I keep reminding myself that only about 7-8 weeks ago, the 90 seconds seemed daunting and now I can (just) manage 15 mins.

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Well done TeaAye, I did W5R2 this morning as well again with Laura, not sure who this Robert person is! I stuck to the programme and did the 2x8 minutes with the 5 minute walk in the middle, however I did find the break in the middle rather of putting.

Was just getting into my stride and rhythm when I had to slow down for the walk. All that said though I am still a little apprehensive about run 3. Like Laura says it is a mental challenge now!

Good luck


I have to admit i was gasping after the first 8 mins but got my stride with the second set, which is why I am nervous about the 20 mins...still, I will give it a shot on Friday.

Good luck Sheffkezz


I'm just back from Week 5 Run 2 as well, but the next run isn't worrying me. I've got a bit of an advantage in that this is my second time going through the program (first time came to a halt after week 6 because I injured my neck). This time I'm doing the program with a friend so I started right back at W1R1.

I remember being extremely worried the first time I was coming up to that 20 minute run. I googled like mad to read all these different people's take on it and I don't think I managed to find one person who DIDN'T manage the 20 minutes! Believe in the program, it really does work!

The friend I am running with has no idea how long we're going to be running for on Sunday, she just knows that it will be longer than in today's session - she prefers that I just tell her when to start and stop then she doesn't need to deal with the mental challenge only the physical.

Good luck Sheffkezz and TeaAye, but really you're not going to need any luck. You CAN do this :)


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