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Bad run :(

Back onto week 7 and have done a couple of 25 minute runs but went out last night and had a very bad run :(

Looked a good evening, cool and overcast, but as I started running by the first 3 minutes I get a funny feeling, start to feel dizzy / light headed and get tingly fingers, so ended up stopping the run, walked it a bit and tried running again but didn't get anywhere. Think it is to do with Blood Pressure as have stopped my tablets for two weeks for further tests and have found it this has happened a couple of times now, thought I was just winded by the wind last time.

Out again tomorrow so will try again then.

any thoughts?

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Listen to your body a few days more rest won't make any difference. It's when we don't listen to our bodies we get into trouble. You are nearly there it's the journey that matters just rest up and try gain in a few days time. You can do this


Just sad as I have done it once and this is the first run I have had to drop ... I graduated and then went on holiday for two weeks ... now three weeks down the line I am still not back at 30 mins :(


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