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Week 2 run 3 - but how will I cope with wk3?!

Well got podcast fixed and did 'run' 3. Took longer than the second day but as the tech was letting me down that day, I'm not surprised! My legs are ok but still finding the breathing tricky. Had a cold a few weeks ago and got the asthmatics lingering cough! Cannot imagine how in earth ill do week 3 and the longer runs! I guess I just have to trust to Laura! Eek!

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You will do it because you can :-) like you said trust in Laura, keep it going, I use my asthma pump less and less now, so it does work in more ways than one. - Good luck.


Absolutely .... And listen to our newest Graduate, Alcopop! I'm asthmatic too - but am leaning towards thinking I might be 'cured' ... In my early days, I used an inhaler fairly regularly, but am now in my last week of the challenge and can very happily say I havent needed an inhaler for a month - I am positive that my lungs and breathing tubes have benefitted from the improved fitness this course has provided.

Keep up the good work, believe it will work and be good for you, and enjoy it all! :D

Cheers, Linda x


Don't worry I felt the same - but I just completed run 1 of week 3 today - You can do it!! :)


Breathing isn't easy but does improve, stick with it and trust the plan.

Good luck


I have issues with breathing, but the more I focus on it the harder it becomes so doing my hardest not the think about it if that makes sense, good luck


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