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Week 3 Run 2

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I was very disappointed to fall ill at the weekend after my first week 3 run and following the advice on here although I was desperate to continue had 3 rest days. I'm so glad I did!! Although I was worried I'd lose my stamina I'd built completed the whole programme and ran for all the allocated times. I end up with a longer warm down walk as I haven't quite mastered finishing at the right distance so end up walking 5 mins extra on top of the cool down walk.

Can't wait to complete week 3 runs on Saturday. I can't believe I'm running 3 mins non stop 3 weeks on. I am an addict!!!!

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Well done. It is addictive is nt it? I am starting Week 4 tomorrow. Nervous about the 5 minute runs but surprised how well I have done so far. Keep up the running and good luck with the rest of the plan 👍

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Amarigue1976Graduate in reply to TJMazz

Good luck for tomorrow let me know how you get on. That will hopefully be me next week. You've done 3 mins think positive and you will smash 5 mins 😀

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TJMazzGraduate in reply to Amarigue1976

Thanks for the vote of confidence. I really want to do this. I'll post tomorrow. 😀

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OldflossAdministrator in reply to TJMazz

No need for nerves...none at all. This week, like a few others, has got a bit of an undeserved reputation from some posts! It is just another week of runs....honestly.

Slow and steady and just have faith in yourself and trust the programme.

It is addictive isn't it? Great eh. :)

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Very well done you.... glad you are feeling better too!

I think many of us have ended up with longer warms home at first. It was ages before I realised I needed to turn back at the half way point! Duh!

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You can do it - mind over matter 😀

Welcome fellow addict, one of the best addictions to have...

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