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Source of larger size running pants/tracksters?

I used to love Ron Hill tracksters - stretchy, but not tights, with stirrups under the feet. Sadly, I am just outside their size range - they go up to 40-42" and I need a size bigger. I have tried a few competitors (all of whom are also a bit cheaper) and they are even smaller. One actually labelled their products 2xl and as far as I can work out they are 36-38" waist!

One of the reasons for pushing myself to run more was to lose weight. I asked this same question on a running forum and the reply I got was 'just hang in there as your weight will soon come off. Well it isn't. Our local surgery is fantastic and they are encouraging me a lot. I went for a monthly weigh in and I have added 2kg since starting c25k - that's 4 weeks. The nurse reckons that my leg muscles (always quite substantial) are firming up and the weight gain there is more than anything I'm losing in fat. Not too sure after only a month or so of renewed effort, myself, but...

My old stretched tracksters are now falling apart and I desperately need some replacements.

So, does anyone know of a source of genuinely large sized men's running attire? I really don't like baggy and I can't cope with shorts (all that chafing!).

I tried triathlon suit makers and they promised the earth, charged it, and what arrived was around a 40" waist. I looked up weightlifting suppliers but they all seem to be short. I explored Highland Games kit but they seem to rely on normal stuff. I even tried looking up Sumo wrestlers kit but I couldn't understand the writing on the site and Google translate wasn't much help.

Any ideas, please?

Cheers, Graham

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Hello Graham, I'm not sure if you'll get the exact style you want but you'll certainly get bottoms to fit you are Premierman ( ) you could also try sportsdirect which has a plus size clothing section ( )

I hope you find something.


Thanks OlsBean

Sadly, I've tried both of them in the past.

Premierman only stocks what I'd describe as "lounging" wear - baggy cotton or loose ankled leisure trousers..

Sportsdirect have a bizarre sizing structure. Normal menswear retail works on a six inch 'drop' - in other words if you order a 50" chest, by default you'll get a 44" waist. They do have a handful of items with stirrups - mainly football goalkeepers' trousers - but their largest size is a 2XL which is a 50/52" chest and a 38/40" waist. That's a seriously Y-MCA kind of shape!

Thanks for the thought though - anyone else?




Afraid I can't offer advice on finding kit to fit other than maybe finding someone who is handy with a sewing machine and asking them to make you some... my sister recommends for running gear but I've not bought from them so don't know what their range is like. I really wanted to say a huge well done for getting out there and running! I have lost quite a bit of weight through the running, it took me 9 months rather than 9 weeks to complete the C25K and I would say the weight really started to come off in the middle of that & now all my clothes hang off me! Hang in there, you will get your fitness up and then the weight will start to go. Keep up the good work!


Hi CaveBear (love the name) have a look at this web site it may have something that will right for you

Good luck


Hello ktaylor217 and Oldgirl

Thanks for the ideas and words of encouragement. I will check out jacamo - I think they are another face of Premierman but they may have some different lines.

All the best



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