What's everyone's favourite bits of kit when running?

As a lover of kit I'm interested to hear what items you all have that you love. Did you buy yourselves new kit for C25K? My faves are:

I never thought it would see the light of day again (since I stopped running 17 years ago) but I have to say my Buffalo Wind Shirt is still an excellent piece of kit. It's virtually weightless, does an amazing job of keeping the wind out, and is perfect for those days when a coat is too much but the wind-chill makes me want to stay home (I hate wind!) I really feel the cold yet I used to run comfortably throughout the winter wearing it over the top of a wicking base-layer.

My Vibram Five Fingers shoes. I've had to learn a new style of running since I was a runner before (faster cadence, forefoot strike, lighter on my feet) but I'm enjoying it, and I love the natural feel of the ground under my feet rather than lots of cushioning and support. They look pretty freaky too (especially my green, pink and black ones!) which appeals to my daft streak.

My bright pink and purple Shock Absorber runners bra. I've never had a proper sports bra before as my normal ones have done a decent job, but I was getting fed up of the straps falling down so invested this time around. It's comfy, does it's job, and when I put it on I'm suddenly in run mode (I feel like an athlete, LOL). I love the colours too, and if we get some nice weather again and when I get fitter I might even wear it as a cropped top with my shorts...if I dare!

What are your faves?


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16 Replies

  • I'm rather fond of my socks. Running socks fro Decathlon. They feel just a little bit lie slippers when I put them on. Mmmmm.

  • I am an addidas and Asics Addict (just brought my 3rd set of kit today shh dont tell the hubby, it has been in my draw for years remember!!) Oh and my MUST have is my garmin!!

  • My flipbelt. Holds my phone (for podcasts and endomondo) and keys, and when I'm running it never moves and I never notice it.

  • I've been toying with the idea of getting some sort of belt to hold stuff, for times when pockets won't do, and liked the idea of those flipbelts. I always reckon the sign of good kit is when you forget you're wearing it. My sports bra (which stays put) versus my normal bra (where the straps slipped) is my best example.

  • I would definitely recommend it - very comfy and you can just bung it in the wash with the rest of your running kit.

  • My Nike Gyakusou running top (bought on eBay not full price)

    It looks great on & performs really well (no armpit chaffing!) washes & dries like a dream. The fabric feels like soft cotton but wicks well.

    I have been running almost a year now & have held off buying kit other than a couple of ebay purchases & good trainers, as I was not convinced I'd stick at it. I've been ogling running kit online for weeks now & just need to find time to go to a shop to try things on... I'm about to order a Garmin too, been trying to resist but can't hold off any longer!!!!

  • My John Lewis racer-back running vest (£10 in the January sale). I feel like a runner as soon as I put it on. And a tiny runners belt for phone & keys.

  • LOL, funny how certain bits of kit put us in the right zone isn't it!

  • Am a bit of a numbers geek & would love a Garmin, but cannot warrant it yet ...

    So my fave at the moment is my pro-subscription to endomondo .... especially when you tell it that you want to beat your previous time/target she comes in every 1km and tells you how you are doing and how far ahead or behind you are..... almost feels like there is an invisble pace setter in my ear!

  • Well I wouldn't be without my ASICS for my feet thats for sure. But to go with them I like my MoreMile running socks, fit my silly little feet perfectly. The other won't be without is my sweat band, any brand will do, tennis section, any sports shop, always worn on the right wrist to mop my brow. Trusty Garmin on the other.

  • My cycle shirt. It has pockets on its back were I can put my keys,handkerchiefs and my phone in .

  • My flip belt. Love it. And my ear budi's to keep my normal earphones in my ears. Hate having to faff at stuff whilst running

  • I like my high impact bra and my running shoes best!!!!!

  • Bra, shoes, garmin and the zip in the back of my karrimor shorts! Ok I just like all my new toys!

  • I agree - zip pocket at the back of the shorts is perfect for the keys, and the little pocket in front for my phone (podcast). I bought a medium impact bra from Primark (38C) and besides being cheap is very comfy and does the job... Happy running! New kit when I graduate..... starting week 8.

  • My Nike Skapri - like capri pants but with a little skirt on top to hide my bum and tum! Also the little child's bum bag I stole from my daughter. It's pink, purple and green and has just enough room to fit my phone, keys and a tissue. Also it wouldn't fasten around my middle (it is a kids one) before I started running. ;-)

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