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Minor update to MalcyMeter

Just to say that I'd been looking at some of the graphs and they only included days when an activity had been logged. I've made an update to include "zero km" days.

I've also been able to dispense with the limit where the system would only recognise updates made for the last two days - so if anyone adds activities at any point in the past, they should now be added to MalcyMeter.

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Malcy, stop already! You have been such a star with providing motivational tools but now you've exposed me as a non player on 12th April....that dip is really bothering me ;-)

Seriously though, I can't tell you how much being able to log on and see how everyone is doing is so motivating. I really don't understand why the 5 x 50 team aren't doing more :O

And I'm still disappointed by the lack of interest by the NHS team as well, I don't care what else they are doing, it takes a few seconds to post a quick message of encouragement :O


What's this MalcyMeter? It sounds interesting :)


MalcyMeter -

All our 5x50 stats, in wonderful easy-to-view glory. Thanks to Malcy, the star!


Thanks Malcy, your update definitely works as I had no internet access last week when I was away in Wales, so I added 6 days worth of activities in one go, and they are all showing! Yay! Go techies! :-)


Phew - that's a relief (:->) They say that no matter how much you test, the real test is when users get their hands on it. I don't have a lot of time to test, so it's good to know everything's going to plan. Thanks for the feedback.


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