calling any graduates out there - is it ok to leave 2 days between runs ?

I've had a few twinges last couple of weeks - i've got one leg with v tight hamstring I think. So I've been stretching like crazy, taking modest dose of painkillers and taking 2 days between runs - by which time I can go back out there and run with only minor discomfort in weaker leg.

It feels as though despite going through the whole programme my muscles are grumbling at longer runs. I love the feeling of getting right through to the end, I feel a lot fitter and stronger - but I don't want to push my luck.

So right now I'm managing more like 2 runs a week - but at an ok pace.

Did anyone else struggle with this after they graduated - just doing all long runs? If I could sort my tight leg out I feel as though I could run for another 10 minutes so it's really frustrating!


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  • Hi, I got injuries post graduation from pushing It too hard, I have changed my training to one easy longer run, one interval session and one normal speed run per week and already my legs are feeling better.

    Are you pushing yourself too much?

    I think mark909 wrote a useful blog recently on this subject

  • I could tell a huge difference when I started the longer runs. I have more pain now, but more in the joints then anywhere else. I read somewhere that it takes longer for your joint muscles to build. We have to take days off and we see no change in loss of fitness. I do feel better when I actually have 2-3 days between runs. Wishing you well! Gayle

  • Ditto I seem to have pulled a quad which no matter what I do hurts following a run it never hurts during so lots of stretching but still not mended:( cos of the weather and being very busy at work I've not run for a week so perhaps rest might work I'm sure it's all cos I've been pushing it too much. I feel as if I need a good hard run but not in this weather !

  • Get a foam roller, redfacewoman. Works wonders. My quads are much stretchier and softer and my knee pain is all but gone since I started using one - it's worth the agony!


  • Perfectly alright yes, I find I can miss a week without too much ill effect. I had a really low mileage December due to a slight knee niggle I wanted to rest up and work travel and that I felt; it has taken me a couple of weeks to be getting back up to full strength.

    Best thing to do if you have a slight niggle is rest it immediately, much easier to sort it out then with a few days rest than later if you make it worse!

    As gdean says sometimes it even works that a couple of days rest gives you a boost.

  • Foam roller think my granny used them .... Perhaps I should google it !

  • It has taken me about two hours to work out what your Granny might have done with a foam roller!! :-D

    My mum had pink ones when I was a kid... happy memories :-)

  • Oh I see might well pop down to TK max

  • i often leave two days between runs, and its fine , i tend to get more aches if im rushing and dont stretch out properly.

  • I think a lot of people find a 2 day break before or after a longer run is helpful and I seem to remember at least one of the older members doing the whole programme with 2 day breaks between all runs as they found they recovered better that way. I try to mix up a bit doing a shorter, faster run or intervals after a longer, slower one. Like you I struggled a bit after graduation to know what to do next. I found the Speed podcast brilliant - short but intense and I loved getting back to doing intervals. I am getting a bit more confident just going with the flow and if my muscles feel a bit tight I might even stop and do some stretches in the middle of a run now that I've decided it is not a sin to stop or walk in the middle. My aim for 2013 is to go through the programme again but with slow jogging/running vs walking/slow jogging. Just as soon as this pesky snow goes away! ;_)

  • As Greg, I can miss a week with no problems. Am recovering from a pretty awful flu/chest infection right now, leaving me a whole two weeks at home, but i feel confident about getting back without too much slack!

  • I'd echo all the comments here - don't be afraid to take it easy. I always take the weekend off from running (mon/wed/fri being my plan).

    But I'd be aware that taking longer than needed could push you back further. I'd suggest lighter runs after a wee break. If I have a long break from running or cycling my legs always feel it once I pick it up again.

  • You might want to consider whether the 'stretching like crazy' could be part of the problem. There seems to be some controversy over whether stretching *before* running can increase the incidence of injury.

    And if you are running on the road, you could consider staying off it, particularly for longer runs.

    Other people have already suggested mixing up the type of run you do within a week.

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